Your Definitive Guide to the Biggest Spring Paint Trends of 2022

In his novel Anne d’Avonlea, Author Lucy Maud Montgomery writes, “It’s a good thing about this world…there are always more sources.” It’s a line that captures the hope of the season, suggesting that we don’t need to limit the “springtime” in our lives to just a few months. This time of year is a new beginning. We can embrace sentiment through our mindset, our lifestyle, and even our surroundings – which is exactly why we’re exploring these stunning spring paint color trends of 2022.

Bright, fresh and lively, each of these shades below is an invitation to feel good. Some shades evoke a walk in the forest, spring flowers tickling the air, while others evoke a sense of opulence. Psychologically, these spring colors provide a sense of rest, growth, longevity and stability, Christine Borges, owner and designer of Saddle Road Interiors, talks to us about the top spring paint trends she’s seeing right now. “Aesthetically, these colors provide a moment of animation and excitement. Whether used on an accent wall or throughout an entire room, incorporating color stimulates creativity and lends a sense of customization to a home.

Just reading Borges’ words feels like a breath of fresh spring air. We love the reminder that spring is ours to embrace however we like it. With that in mind, we asked the experts for their best spring colors (keep reading for the one that surprised us!) so we can incorporate that cheerful vibe into our homes, any time of the year.

Featured image by Michelle Nash

Trend #1: light shades

Photo courtesy of Heidi Caillier Design, photographed by Haris Kenjar.

It’s no surprise that this spring, designers are planning lighter colors for interior paints and decorative items. Historically, it’s like that for spring, says Christine Borges. “The lighter, muted hues will come in and slowly saturate in the summer.” Think lighter shades of blues, greens, pinks, and even yellows. It’s less about the actual color and more about the presence of light.

Trend #2: Whitewashed walls

Photo above courtesy of Portola Paints and Glazes.

The dimension that comes from whitewash is unmatched. One of the original paints ever created, whitewash has a mineral base that gives a chalky, almost cloudy appearance to walls. According to Regan Baker, founder of Regan Baker Design, dousing a room with this type of paint will be important this spring for its “not too precious but rather elevated depth and character.” There’s also a nice patina, “like it’s been there for a while,” she adds.

Trend #3: Pures and Off-Whites

Photo above by Kate ZImmerman Turpin.

With the endless color options available, sometimes the most basic hue speaks the loudest. In this case, it’s white (as it often is). A crisp, clean white in both a sheer and off-white hue is versatile in any space. They complement natural light and bring a room to life. Pure and off-whites allow “spaces to reflect light and keep the space airy,” says Christopher Charles Evans, director and designer of Christopher Charles Interiors. There’s also the “spring-cleaning vibe” white gives us, as Julie Rootes, owner and founder of Julie Rootes Interiors, points out.

Trend #4: Historic Colors

Photo above courtesy of Sixpenny.

Another spring paint color trend on the rise is a range of historic colors, Borges tells us. “Bold yet subtle with a sense of opulence,” these hues — which include clay-based reds, muted dusty pinks, marigold yellows and earthy blues — are typically reserved for fall. On the contrary, “this year, we expect them to appear much earlier,” explains Borges. “Historical colors tend to convey a feeling of longevity and stability, a feeling we think we all crave.”

Trend #5: Verdant Greens

Photo above courtesy of Little Black Dresser Interiors.

“Almost every paint manufacturer has considered a shade of green their ‘color of the year,'” Borges tells us. The series of verdant shades included everything from softer, lighter sages to deeper, more saturated forest greens, she says. The reasons behind this speak of a natural and collective aspiration to incorporate elements that speak of nature and calm into the home. While it may not be a new trend, there is a “strong desire for feelings of rest and growth”, Borge believes – and green permeates exactly that.

Trend #6: … Blackk

Photo above of Lauren Greenberg’s home, photographed by Juley Le.

You read correctly. This spring, this rich hue is in the forecast. Why? It’s rich, simple, and “seamless,” as Christopher Charles Evans describes it. With all its elemental seriousness, this rich hue is a giant surprise spring trend this year…and we totally agree. Black offers “a sophistication and richness that makes a space feel inviting and warm.” And we’ll add: a blackwashed wall forces you to stop, reflect and revel in the moment, which is a good mantra for this season.

What paint colors are you looking forward to bringing into your space this spring?

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