Your daily HomeScope from August 09, 2022

If home is where the heart is, why shouldn’t it follow the same stars as we do? Our relationships with our homes are sacred and, like most, could use a little guidance here and there. Tap on your sun sign and start making your house a home today!


Today is not a good day to start a new job or a new recipe. Stick to what you know – work on your knit scarf and cook up a tried-and-true family classic like lasagna or casserole. Playing it safe will minimize frustrations and pave the way for an enjoyable day in the house.


It will only take a minute to create a simple spread of olives, cheese, apples and bread, so go ahead and invite a few friends over for a deep and lively conversation around your kitchen table. You have a strong need for other perspectives on the challenges you have faced at home.


When you said you’d like to paint the kitchen soon, it seemed like a vague wish for the future and didn’t translate to your roommate as an urgent request. Don’t expect others to understand your intentions unless you state things very clearly and directly. Being frustrated will only take you away from your ultimate goal.


You feel remarkably in tune with your roommates when deciding on a game plan for replacing the living room carpet or painting the kitchen cabinets. Don’t assume you’ll have trouble making decisions or getting help at home, so be careful about the attitude you bring to the table.


All that glitters isn’t gold today when trying to figure out how to deal with your challenges at home – beware of offers that seem too good to be true or people who might be more concerned by their own interests than yours. Better to consider the reality of your situation than to cling to ideas that promise instant solutions.

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Today is not a good day to start painting the living room, or you will live with plastic on the floor and the smell of paint for days as you slowly plug in. Big projects should be left for later in the week – stick to routine cleaning and organizing tasks if you need to get something done around the house.


Appreciate the little things in life – walk around your garden and yard to see the details. The pinecones under the tree and the way the late afternoon sun shines through your evergreens will give you great pleasure if you take the time to enjoy them.


You will have great pleasure in being creative in the kitchen with seasonal vegetables. Try innovative combinations such as creamy squash soup with coconut, curry and fresh cilantro from your herb garden. Make more than enough for dinner tonight and your family will be happy to help you finish the leftovers tomorrow.


Don’t accidentally leave your keys in a bag of groceries that ends up in your pantry. Items can easily be misplaced in your own home today – create a special box near the door where you can store your keys, wallet, and phone while you’re home.


You’ll make a lot of progress on a project today, but start early and focus your energy in one direction. Choose an occupation that requires a long period of painstaking work, such as a painting or tiling project, or decide to finish your quilt once and for all.


It wouldn’t be a bad idea to leave your credit cards at home today and resolve to save your purchases for another day. Stick to window shopping for ideas – you might find yourself reconsidering and being grateful you haven’t made the purchase yet.


Rediscover your love of delicious desserts with a beautiful cake for a friend’s birthday. Go all out with layers, frosting flowers and landscapes. Remember how much fun you enjoy cooking for your friends and family. Making people feel special is your forte.

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