Yorkshire Terrier Thinks He Made ‘Best Friend’ at Dog Park Backfires


Making new friends can be difficult. And no one knows this better than Spikey. Unlucky Yorkshire Terrier at the dog park recently.

in the videos posted in the account @spikeymichaeltheyorkie Spikey can be seen running to his new canine companion named Winston. As Spikey starts the conversation, Winston sniffs a bit before turning around and urinating on poor Spikey, while hearing his owner yell “No! Not Winston!”

The text reads, “Spikey thinks he met his best friend at the dog park…”

This video has been viewed over 3.4 million times.

Winston says ‘You are now my best friend. I have to mark my territory. So no one else can steal my best friend,’” commented one user on TikTok.

Stock photo of a bulldog in the park An unfortunate Yorkshire terrier finds himself in an awkward situation at the dog park after trying to befriend a bulldog.
Shutter Mon / Getty Images

Some dogs instantly become best friends. and some were bullied Sadly for Spikey, it’s the latter.

“Dogs rely heavily on their senses and can detect things they don’t like about other dogs from a reasonable distance,” Wag Walking reports on their website. “They may not like the smell of other dogs when they approach. Your dog may have a problem with poodle-like dogs or emaciated dogs. and would not be pleased to meet and greet those types of dogs.”

in some situations Dog owners may find themselves with dogs that are not sociable. which not only avoids other dogs but also showing signs of aggression


The American Kennel Club states, “Without proper socialization as a puppy, Your dog will not know how to interact with other dogs. This will later lead to fearful, anxious, or aggressive behavior around them,” says the American Kennel Club. strengthening positive peace Non-aggressive behavior around other dogs is key to helping your puppy overcome fear or dislike of other dogs.”

If your dog is a little antisocial, like Winston, you should encourage them to make friends. Because dogs can create lasting and lasting friendships. Although they are a bit difficult to start with.

TikTok users love poor Spikey’s video.

“Winston is built differently,” commented one user.

“Hahaha, he’s so small. It was like a fire hose exploded,” said another.

Newsweek @spikeymichaeltheyorkie has been contacted via TikTok for comment.

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