Worth playing | ‘The Repair House’ is a new repair sim from PC Building Simulator Creator

The repair house is a relaxing repair and restoration game where players experience the satisfaction of uncovering old and broken objects and restoring them to their former glory. From industrial antiques and musical instruments to game consoles and arcade cabinets, replace broken parts by carefully disassembling each item, locating individual pieces and painstakingly reassembling, or restore and customize vintage items by sandblasting, cleaning and repainting.

Sit back after a long day of renovations in your own personal repair house. Browse the large decoration library to find the right accessory for you. Showcase your newly restored items in personalized display cases. Get creative with the painting station. Paint, spray, stem and stencil your newly restored items as you wish. Add your own personality with a wide range of customization options. Add lighting effects, stickers and special components to give your restoration that extra flair

Visit auction houses, storage units, barns and flea markets to buy, sell and find new items to restore. Inspect storage units from a distance before making a snap decision to bid on them. Want to discover profitable items to restore or discarded junk of little value? Customize your workshop, open up new areas for storage and display, and advance your overall level to become the ultimate repair house.

“It’s been a lot of fun using my experience with my previous game to see where I could take the repair genre,” said Claudiu Kiss, founder of Quantum Logic Games. “We know people love to tear down and fix things, and we’ve added an element that players will recognize from TV shows where you find a hidden gem in a barn or storage container, then it’s up to them to repair or customize them. Then the player can decide whether to turn that item for profit or display it proudly in their own personal space.”

“Claudius’ heritage and experience in the repair genre makes us really excited about what he’s creating with The repair houseadded Rob Feather, Head of Product at Fireshine Games. much more to the experience. We are really excited to show the players more The repair house as soon as we are ready to launch next year.”

Key Features:

  • Run your own repair house in a relaxing repair and restoration game from the original creator of PC Building Simulator.
  • Unlock new equipment and tools and customize your workshop to make it your own.
  • Discover a variety of unique items for repair and restoration, including musical instruments, arcade cabinets, antiques, toys and more; each accurately recreated to give you the full restoration experience.
  • Experience the satisfaction of cleaning old, worn items to a clear shine. Sandblast away rust to reveal shiny metal. Paint your stuff the way you want with custom paint tools.
  • Explore barns, flea markets, auction houses and storage units to find hidden items and haggle for the best price.

The repair house coming to PC (Steam) in 2023.

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