Wondering what the old Ethan Allen building is supposed to be?

The building that once housed an Ethan Allen furniture store in Tyler, Texas is now undergoing a massive facelift. In my twenty-five years living here in Tyler, I have never seen the doors of this building open, that is, until I drove by it one day in July. I was shocked!

In the past few months, the run-down look of the building, which had a blue-gray-ish paint job and a colonial look thanks to the white columns that supported the building’s overhang, has all been stripped away. Work is underway to give this older property a new look thanks to a new tenant.

That day in July when I saw the doors open I pulled in and spoke to an elderly gentleman about the building and asked him what type of place they were handing it over to and he replied, ‘it’s a secret you want to stay keep watching!’

‘it’s a secret you’ll have to keep an eye on!

This is exactly what I have been doing on my way to and from work every day,

” target=”_blank”>see progress on the building. So far, new windows have been installed, the landscaping has been trimmed, and the building is getting a new stucco look (so it looks).

So what is the old Ethan Allen building being converted into?

A new sign for the new business was installed on Friday with the name and logo of the new business … Floor Developers! It will be a floor shop. Flooring Liquidators currently has a location in Tyler on GE Drive and after making a phone call to their main office asking if they are adding another location or moving, the very nice lady on the phone said they will be moving to this new shop front Løkke 323.

Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

Finally, after twenty-five years of sitting empty and starting to look extremely run down, this building is getting new life thanks to an established business here in East Texas.

And to the older gentleman who told me back in July that the new business is a secret, well, the secret is out!

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Ethan Allen, you have my attention
Ethan Allen, your badge is missing

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