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Woman watched in the Ring app as the fire destroyed Meriden’s house


MERIDEN — Shan Brown was on a cruise and watched the Ring app and realized that her house was on fire. The Good Samaritans smashed the front door to get to its little brother last weekend.

Brown’s 17-year-old younger brother, Mekhi McLean, is expected to fully recover after being seriously injured in the fire, city spokesman Tony Terzi said on Wednesday.

McLean was listed in a New York City hospital in critical but stable condition after being rescued from the burning house on Saturday by firefighters who climbed a 35-foot ladder to reach his third-floor room.

Good Samaritans, Newington plumber Dylan Saradeth and a co-worker were hailed as “true heroes” for trying to reach McLean before he was forcibly evicted from the house as the first and second floors were engulfed in flames.

Saradeth said they noticed black smoke as they passed the house on Broad Street after they had finished work in the area. They pulled over to help and broke through the locked front door with a pipe wrench.

“The Meriden Fire Department thanks them for their courageous help,” said Ryan Dunn, vice president of Meriden Fire Department.

Saradeth said she and her colleague found several people watching TV on the second floor and told them they had to run. According to Tailor, McLean was sleeping on the third floor, so he was unaware of the fire.

According to Tailor, the first firefighters to arrive on the scene attempted to climb the stairs to McLean’s room, but were repulsed by the flames. Terzi said the other two firefighters eventually managed to dodge the stairs by climbing a 35-foot ladder based on the outside of the house. Tailor said that when they got to the top, they broke the window to get in.


According to Dunn, McLean lost consciousness in the fire and was eventually taken away by a waiting ambulance when he was ejected from the home. Dunn said that as of Sunday morning, she was undergoing hyperbaric treatment at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx.

According to Terzi, four of the firefighters who responded were injured. Tailor said he had two sustained burns that would require further treatment, one with smoke inhalation and the other with heart problems. All were taken to district hospitals and have since been released.

The house was destroyed in the fire. According to Tailor, Brown and his family are staying at a hotel while looking for permanent housing.

“The generosity of the congregation overwhelmed the family,” said Terzi.

Terzi said the municipality is most likely planning to hold a press conference about the fire next week.

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