Woman throws 4-year-old daughter to death in Bengaluru

Upset over her four-year-old daughter’s disability, a woman threw her off the terrace of her apartment on Thursday and later confessed to the crime.

A non-practicing dentist, Sushma Bharadwaj takes medication for depression. After throwing her daughter from the fourth-floor terrace of Advaith Ashray Apartment in Srinivas Colony in Sudhamanagar, Sushma claimed she fell accidentally and carried the four-year-old child, Dhruthi, to Nimhans for treatment.

Hailing from Hubballi, Sushma lives on the second floor of the flat with her husband of 11 years, Kiran Balakrishna, a software engineer. On Thursday afternoon, she took Dhruthi out to the terrace and told her husband and mother-in-law that she should play with her. Kiran worked from home. Around 3:30 p.m., she threw her daughter off the terrace and screamed for help when she had climbed over the balcony railing. Dhruthi fell on the basketball court and sustained serious injuries. CCTV footage showed Sushma carrying her daughter to the terrace and observing people’s movements before lifting Dhruthi. She stopped throwing her the first time, but did on the second try. Sushma climbed over the grill and screamed for help. She was rescued by a woman and a man on the fourth floor. Initially, Sushma told the residents that Dhruthi fell accidentally.

When they found the four-year-old still alive, Sushma carried her to the hospital. Dhruthi died while receiving treatment late on Thursday evening.

Based on her husband’s complaint, the Sampangiram Nagar police detained Sushma for questioning. During questioning, she admitted to intentionally throwing her baby from the terrace.

She also claimed that she wanted to kill herself, but got scared and screamed for help. Sushma was remanded in custody.

It is reported that Sushma saw Dhruthi as a hindrance to her career. Dhruthi, who could not speak due to her disability, was undergoing treatment and attended a school for children with special needs, Kiran said.

A woman who lives in the apartment told reporters that she saw Sushma standing on the balcony. “We found Dhruthi in a pool of blood. We initially thought she fell from the balcony accidentally,” she said. A man who lives in a neighboring building said Sushma carried the injured child to the hospital with the help of residents. “We didn’t know what happened later, but on Friday morning we heard that the girl had succumbed to injuries.”

Abandoned at the station

A month ago, Sushma left Dhruthi at the KSR railway station during a trip to Odisha and claimed that the child went missing. Kiran took the help of the police and NGOs to find Dhruthi at Baiyyappanahalli railway station.

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