Woman Takes In Dog After Meeting His Homeless Owner Who Wanted Her To Help If Something Happened To Him


A woman was surprised and grateful when she received a call from a stranger to tell her she had been chosen to be the guardian of a dog that belonged to a man she had met years before.

Casandra Lynn runs an animal shelter, Community Effort Animal Rescue, in Littlerock, California and is, needless to say, an animal lover. That’s why she was declared the perfect person to take care of a special furry friend.

She had met the previous owner in a pantry before picking up her dog after his death.

In a TikTok video, Casandra explains that the dog’s owner was a stranger to her until a few years ago.

“We met Larry and his dog Junior in 2018, we saw them every week at [a] pantry,” she wrote in the caption of the video. After meeting him, Lynn and her family grew closer to Larry. A look at Lynn’s Facebook page proves that she and her family have done their best to support Larry since they met him.

“We have spent every week with him for the past 2 years,” she wrote in a FEBRUARY Facebook post from 2019 in which she also asked her followers to help find Larry who recently had a health problem and disappeared. She soon discovered that he was in the hospital because his heart had stopped. Fortunately, hospital staff performed 11 minutes of CPR, successfully resuscitating him.

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After his health scare, Larry overcame a great achievement by coming out of homelessness in 2020, as Lynn revealed in his TikTok caption. But, tragically, his new life was short-lived.

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