Windsor Forest’s D’Ante Bass Signs Georgetown Basketball

Savannah basketball fans are well acquainted with Windsor Forest’s D’Ante Bass, whose high-end dunks, spectacular playing and prolific songs have helped the Knights program become one of the best in Georgia with several deep playoff runs .

But some may not know the backstory of Bass, the 6-foot-7 star who signed on Friday to play in Georgetown at a ceremony in Windsor Forest.

He is the youngest of seven children. D’Ante’s father, Louis Bass Jr., died in 2007. His mother, Joyce McCoy, works three jobs to support her family. She is a supervisor at Chatham Area Transit, where she has been employed for 19 years, while also working for Old Savannah Trolley Tours and in a cleaning company.

On Friday, McCoy wept as he sat next to D’Ante during the signing ceremony.

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