Why your home will not be as cool as you want in this heatwave

As much as you do not want, our expert recommends leaving your thermostat on 78.

NEW ORLEANS – This scorching heat is nowhere to be seen today.

Air conditioning technicians have become quite popular during this heatwave as they work non-stop to help keep everyone cool.

Right now, as much as you’re trying and trying to lower your air conditioner, it just can not shake! It’s no surprise for Corey Gonzales with Cisco’s heat and air conditioning. He said sadly, your AC is just not designed to tackle this unbearable heat.

“If your heat index is 110, like it was Saturday, and you’re 80 degrees in your house, your AC works. It does everything it can,” he said.

He offered a few tips you can try at home to keep it as cool as possible.

First, change your filter monthly.

“I usually tell people every time your electricity bill comes in, you have to change your filter,” Gonzales said.

For window units, wash your filter off every month.

“Once these things get dirty on them, you start limiting that airflow,” he said.

Close blinds and put curtains over windows.

“These large windows, note there are no curtains, no blackout curtains, nothing,” Gonzales pointed to a large window door. “You can feel the heat coming through this window. It alone can do enough to make it not feel cool in here.”

Use a garden hose to wash your outdoor AC unit off. Be sure to turn off your AC device first.

“Just this little bit of dirt can make your system run a higher head pressure,” he said.

Gonzales recommend annual professional maintenance so they can use a foaming chemical to clean the inside.

“A lot of people get $ 300, $ 400, $ 500 energy bills, a lot of it has to do with not maintaining your equipment,” Gonzales said.

As much as you do not want, Gonzales recommends leaving your thermostat at 78 because it may struggle to get cooler than that. If your AC does not seem to be struggling at a lower temperature, you can leave it a few degrees lower. The problems come when it runs all day and tries to keep up.

“When your AC runs 8, 9 hours a day because you’re trying to get it below 75, 76, you’re actually starting to dump moisture back into your home, and then it’s starting to get damp, it’s starting to get sticky,” he said. . “Everyone is like, ‘hey my system is not working’, but yes it is. You’re just trying to get it under what it can handle.”

Ceiling and floor fans can also help.

If you have trouble sleeping in the heat, try cotton or linen. They are known to be more breathable and moisture wicking, so they can help you stay cool at night.

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