Why brown home decor is a top trend for 2022

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Not so long ago, brown was considered the ugly duckling of neutrals. While bright whites and cool grays were admired for their clean, modern look, the brown interior was brushed aside as heavy and dull. But now, two years after a pandemic, we crave socializing more than ever, and Brown’s reputation is beginning to change. It’s on our radar as one of the top trends for 2022, and we’re seeing brown home decor popping up all over our social media feeds. This rich neutral color gives a sense of warmth and familiarity at a time when we want to take all the comforts we can get. So before you write it off as too frumpy for your taste, check out these decorating ideas that show off brown in a fresh light.

1. Double down with decorating trends

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The color brown is only as dated as you make it yourself. To bring this neutral into the present, apply it to trendy furniture and decor. For example, a velvet sofa looks chic in any color, including brown. Choose an upholstery in a shade such as camel or espresso to show the trendy side of a brown interior.

2. Make your bedroom cozy with brown

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A deep brown shade can make your bedroom cozy and luxurious. For an instant boost of comfort, dress your bed with maroon accent pillows or a chocolate brown throw. Surrounding yourself with warm neutral colors will make it even cozier to curl up in bed at night.

3. Combine brown interior with clear white

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The trick to making brown look fresh and modern is to pair it with lots of white. Against a backdrop of white walls, brown furniture and decor appear warm and earthy. Choose a central piece of brown furniture, such as a leather sofa or chair, or scatter brown accessories around the room to add richness while maintaining a bright, open feel.

4. Get brown through wooden furniture

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Natural wood shows brown at its best. Invest in solid wood furniture for a brown accent that complements any decorating style. Whether you’re shopping vintage or new, look for medium-tone finishes that offer rich color and emphasize the wood’s natural grain pattern. With this neutral foundation, you can easily swap in different accent colors and accessories as your tastes change.

5. Combine brown with other earth tones

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Brown is reminiscent of the soil itself and naturally goes well with other earth tones. For a warm, organic color scheme, mix brown with shades like olive green, terracotta or slate grey. Choose two or three of these nature-inspired colors to give any room a calm, relaxed vibe.

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