Why are animal shelters in Connecticut so full?


Due to many factors, including behavioral and health problems caused by the pandemic. These animals are therefore staying in the shelter longer than usual.

CONNECTICUT, USA — Many animal shelters across Connecticut report that they have lots of pets, but why?

It’s common in places like Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut in East Hartford, which have been exceptionally crowded for years.

“It definitely doesn’t stand still,” says Tori Cateni, co-founder and vice president of Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut. And people are downsizing financially. their home and their livelihoods So you see a lot of rescued animals that were probably adopted six years ago – three years ago.”

With so much cooperation, Cateni said other shelters have seen the same thing.

“Everyone was shocked. and we don’t want to deny But there are many rescuers who are fully capable. if not at full strength,” Kateni said.

The Connecticut Humane Society is observing animal imbalances in shelters across the state. The Humane Society is the oldest animal welfare organization in the state. They have three shelters. On-site veterinary clinic and pet food storage

“We stepped in when we felt there was a gap that needed to be addressed,” said James Bias, Executive Director of the Connecticut Humane Society.

throughout the epidemic The shelter found a trend that worked.

“We learned to use our foster home more creatively than just our shelter,” Bias said.

But other shelters Statewide is still in trouble.

“It’s a balance problem,” Bias explains. “Traditionally, animals go into shelters, animals go out. animals that don’t go outside The decision to end life will be made because of the time frame. or resources are not available and some shelters have to make end-of-life decisions,” Bias said. There are resources to make pets live longer. But shelters are not designed for long-term housing.”

These animals have been in the shelter for longer than usual due to a variety of factors, including behavioral and health issues caused by the pandemic.

“The good news is that more and more people are considering shelters as their first choice But we are seeing people turn to their finances. whether they can afford a new pet or not,” Bias said.

for the same reason Many people have trouble keeping their furry friends at home.

“We see a lot of people abandoning their animals because they can’t take care of them,” Cateni said.

So what is the solution? There is not only one

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“We have to get creative and start thinking, ‘One, can we prevent animals from being surrendered?’ by keeping them indoors and serving them. The shelter is falling apart. Can we continue,'” Bias said.

Many of those sources come from state legislatures. Now the shelter is on their radar.

“We haven’t renovated the municipal animal shelter since 1963,” said State Rep. Dorinda Borer (D) Westhaven.

Borer said more animals were being returned to the shelter. left on the side of the road or even be beaten Some municipal shelters in CT have let animal health through the cracks.


“And although it is difficult to control such processes, But what we can create order and law is [that] when animals Go to the shelter to make sure it’s a humane place,” Borer said.

So, along with others, Rep. Borer introduced a pair of bills. They passed the House of Commons with full bipartisan support. And now they’re headed to the Senate.

The first is Shelter Bill, HB 5575: Act requiring the Department of Agriculture to amend municipal animal shelter regulations. It will change the following:

  • better control of the temperature of the animal shelter
  • Set standards for sanitation and housing conditions.
  • Changed the reporting process to require animal control officials to report by the DOA within five days of investigating the complaint. Within 30 days, the report must be sent to the municipality’s elected chief of staff.

“This way everyone is aware of what is going on. responsible transparency and can be addressed at all levels,” Borer said.

The second bill is the Cruelty to Animals Bill, HB 6714: The Cruelty to Animals Act. This bill will change the following:

  • Requiring veterinarians to report suspected dog fights anonymously
  • Possession prohibition: If convicted of cruelty to animals People are prohibited from owning, adopting or volunteering with animals for five years from the date of the offense.
  • better define bestiality as a crime

“Tackling animal cruelty is important. Because we know more about the links between animal cruelty and other violence. It is often the beginning of significant violence,” Borer said.

And while improving the law is a good start to creating change, What the shelter needs more than anything else is people to care for, love and care for these animals.

“Hopefully we won’t be wanted. All dogs are adopted. People started neutering, neutering and not abandoning their animals. But until then Other assistance will follow,” Cateni said.

Bias said, “There is no easy fix. for these There’s no easy solution. to solve the problem of the shelter population It’s a matter of using all the tools we have in our toolbox,” says Bias.

The Connecticut Humane Society and Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut are looking for people to volunteer or adopt animals. To volunteer at the Humane Society, click here. To volunteer at Pack Leaders, click here.

Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut also holds an adoption event at PetSmart in Manchester every Friday. On Friday, May 26, the event will take place at the PetSmart store from 2pm-7pm. Email the shelter with any questions at [email protected].

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