White House responds to press complaints about lack of access to Naomi Biden’s wedding after ‘Vogue’ releases exclusive photos

Some members of the White House Press Corps took to Twitter to express displeasure that Vogue I have photos of Naomi Bidenis marriage with Peter Neelwhich took place last weekend at the White House. Naomi she is the president’s granddaughter Joe Bidenand the daughter of Hunter Biden.

If you haven’t seen, earlier in the day, Vogue released an exclusive photo shoot of the couple, and many believed the photos implied that the fashion magazine had access to the press on the actual wedding day, which was Saturday (November 19). The press corps were not invited to the wedding and could not follow the event live.

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Some of the press corps complaints included one from Bloomberg News Nancy Cookwhich they mention on Twitter Vogue‘s reveal of wedding photos and he wrote“The White House Press Secretary Karine Jeanne-Pierre on Nov. 18: ‘They’ve decided to make this wedding private. It’s a family event. It is – and we will respect that Naomi And Peter‘s wishs’”, apparently to indicate that this information was inaccurate.

Another complaint came from Washington Post‘S Ashley Parkerwho he wrote“I spent four years covering the trump WH and two years covering the Biden WH. The fascinating thing is that they both lie, albeit in different ways. trump the team was shameless, while Biden’s team is half too nice.

of CNN Kate Bennett responded to a report that Vogue he wasn’t there and added: “But they were there too: the photo of the reception, the video of the groom kissing on the lawn of the White House, the family photo, them walking up the stairs to the residence…”

During the White House press briefing on Tuesday (November 22), press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was questioned about this controversy and disclosed it Vogue He was NOT present at the wedding on Saturday. Photos released by Vogue they were taken in a staged portrait session two days before the wedding.

During the end of the press conference, a reporter asked: “The wedding of Naomi Biden And Peter it would be private and closed to the media. Yet I’m reading everything and looking at the pictures on the Vogue website.”

The press secretary replied: “This was not a meeting on national security. This was not a cheap meeting. This was not an economic summit. This was the wedding of a young couple with their friends and family. That’s what it was. That’s what happened here on Saturday.”

“Just to be very clear. Vogue did not attend the wedding. There were not. They did not attend the wedding. There was no press access at the wedding. It was a private family event,” she continued. “The couple requested that their wedding event be closed to the media. And it was. It was a closed event. A private family event. Vogue had a photo shoot Thursday afternoon before the wedding in the green room. I also remind you that many photos were released to the public on Saturday, after the wedding, to everyone. Vogue they actually kept their photos…they embargoed it to this day. So that… would give plenty of time for photos to be in the public sphere.

“It’s inaccurate…it’s not fair to suggest a Vogue the cover was open to the press,” he concluded.

You can scroll down to 1:20:00 to see the full answer. A celebrity left a very strange comment Naomi And Peterwedding photos of…

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