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MORRIS – Freak in downtown Morris is the place to find unique items for home décor, clothing and accessories.

You can also purchase exclusive Whimsy hats, created by owner Traci Tessone.

He inherited Tessone’s love for unique vintage and antique items from her parents and inspired her to develop her own creations and eventually open Whimsy in 2008.

“Growing up, my dad and mom always went to little boutiques and antique stores. So, you know there was a phase, of course, that I didn’t like, and then I grew up to love that kind of experience. I guess that’s why I opened the boutique,” ​​said Tessonni.

View inside Whimsy-Fancy Goods in Morris.

“Just seeing all these stores and being around and meeting the boutique owners and customers when we shop, has always been a fun experience for me and I think that helped me come up with the idea,” she said.

Tessone did not start with its own store. I started renting space in other stores during college selling refurbished home decor and antiques.

A collection of the many unique accessories on display at Whimsy's in Morris.

Whimsy sells everything Tessone loves, unique vintage-inspired pieces that we hope will never lose their style.

“It’s mostly vintage-inspired, and all of our clothes and jewelry are new, but I try to find things that look like they were there or just aren’t something that will go out of style,” said Tesoni.

Tessone believes that community is essential to the success of her business and is a strong supporter of local events, such as Girls Night Out and Rock the Block. She even created the 3rd French Chicken Market, a popular event that brings small local vendors together to sell handicrafts, food, and decor.

“I really think that if you want people to come into your store, obviously people will. But, if they can get a day off that business and head out to the other great stores, you’ll make them come out a lot,” Tesoni said.

“Having a downtown is very important and that’s really why my business has been able to be so successful,” she said.

Whimsy is located at 217 Liberty Street in Morris. Open Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:30pm, Saturday 9:30am-5pm and Sunday 11am-4pm

For more information about Whimsy, check out Facebook or visit their website.

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