What you need to know about watering home foundations amid hot, dry Texas temperatures

For homeowners, performing daily maintenance comes with the territory as a way to preserve a home’s structural integrity over the long term, especially with regards to foundation issues. That said, experts suggest watering the home foundation amid extreme hot and dry weather conditions to reduce the need for repair, said John Chaney with the Baird Foundation, adding that foundation repairs aren’t cheap.

Texas is home to a wide variety of terrains, and the difference in clay, sand and rock content will determine the severity of foundation shifts during droughts, Chaney said, adding that foundation watering during the current hot and dry extremes will contribute significantly to mitigate future issues.

A severe drought can cause all the soil under the home to dry out, resulting in shrinkage and cracking, Chaney said, and when this happens, the foundation becomes vulnerable to settlement, and homeowners will start to notice things like sloping floors, cracks in walls inside and out, and doors and windows that don’t close properly.

Experts suggest watering home foundations in the midst of extreme hot and dry weather conditions to reduce the need for expensive repairs.

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Why Water Home Foundations During Drought?

Many areas of Texas, especially the southeastern regions, have soils with high clay content, according to Roger Williamson, owner of Williamson Foundation Repair, who adds that the properties of clay expand when wet and contract when dry, but does not transfer moisture quickly.

This means that during hot and dry temperatures, the soil shrinks around the perimeters and over time can cause problems. Watering the foundation around the perimeter of the house will reduce the risks associated with soil shrinkage and reduce the chances of potential pressure points forming along the foundation, according to Williamson.

How to water a home foundation

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