What is Barbiecore? Barbiecore is the new design trend to occupy over

Ever since put pictures from the long awaited Barbie the film was released earlier this summer, we have noticed a warm pink energy shift inspired by the iconic plastic dolls. While the film – directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling – is not set to be released until 2023, many people are ready to feel like they live in a Barbie world. The trend started with fashion and beauty (think monochrome pink outfits and bleached hair) and does not surprisingly enter the interior: We have officially entered the era of Barbiecore.

“I love colorful interiors, and I’m so glad to see them take off,” says TikTok-famous DIYer Tay BeepBoop, who recently gave his own closet a pink makeover. “When I think of Barbie homes, I think of big colorful pieces. I do not imagine a lot of clutter, because Barbies does not have chickenpox, delivery boxes and unwanted mail scattered around the house everywhere. Barbie is minimalism meets maximalism. I think of big , colorful statement pieces, such as an orange velvet cut, pink dotted wallpaper and a beautiful chandelier.

To the cabinet’s makeover, BeepBoop added a magenta dotted wallpaper with scalloped edges from Otto Studio and a pink cabinet from Mustard Made. It is also filled with lively clothes, cementing it like a closet that Barbie would definitely envy.


BeepBoop’s cabinet has a dotted wallpaper from Otto Studio and a pink cabinet from Mustard Made.

Tay BeepBoop

To bring the trend to life in your own home, BeepBoop recommends making a great statement for a small price. “Instead of having to buy dozens of small pieces to create the Barbiecore look, you can achieve it by buying a few larger pieces – and it doesn’t have to be expensive,” she says. “Start by adding pink glitter contact paper to the back wall of a bookshelf. Paint your bedroom door purple. Get a giant fuzzy colorful rug for your living room.”

Another important source for inspo to turn to is The house Adora. The Nashville home is practically a real Barbie dream house. It has a pink exterior (complete with a pink painted walkway with glittering gold painted cracks), pink kitchen and pink bathroom.

pink home

The exterior of Adora’s home is soaked in shades of pink.

love it
pink kitchen

The pink kitchen in Adora’s home has a gold accent.

love it

“I’re only recently heard the term Barbiecore, and I love it,” says owner Adora, who often rents out her glamorous home for photo and video recordings. She continues: “Barbie pink is glamorous and not scared. I’ve got people on social media to tell me that they used to be embarrassed that they liked the color pink, but that they are no longer. It makes me sorry they ever made it feel that way. But I’m so glad the current is turning. Pink is such a wonderful color and I love that more people are embracing it. How could I not be happy every time I walk onto my pink porch? Barbie-inspired design feels like the ultimate meaning in living your best life! “

barbie pink is glamorous and not scared

Hot pink can also make a once dull room feel lively, as it did in Brownstone Boysown laundry room. While originally inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race, the laundry room is just as suitable for achieving a Barbie-influenced aesthetic. It has Sherwin-Williams’ sparkling pink paint and a pink brick patterned wallpaper from Spoon flower. “We absolutely dread washing clothes, so we decided to make it the brightest and funniest room in our entire home,” the designers explain.

laundry room

Brownstone Boys’ pink laundry room makes the chore a little more exciting.

Carbon stories

If hot pink is too much for you, or you do not want to go all in on the trend, there are plenty of subtle ways to incorporate it into your space. Molly Freshwater, a co-founder of Secret linen shop, recommend introducing shades of pink through bedding, towels and sheets. You can also introduce nostalgic touches through objects and wall decor. “Barbie was in its heyday in the ’80s and’ 90s, so a good nod to the Barbiecore trend is to introduce some subtle retro pieces,” she says. “Think of tassel lampshades, vintage coffee table books or old-fashioned landlines (bonus points if they’re in pastel colors).”

Barbie-inspired design feels like the ultimate meaning of living your best life

Freshwater also suggests returning to the days with poster-covered walls. “The Barbiecore look is about casual wall decor that looks like a real Pinterest board,” she explains. “To avoid the less appealing appearance of curly posters, the more mature tendency is to use poster hangings in wood or wire walls that allow you to attach postcards, prints or photos.”

As we embrace all the lively interiors to come, we dream of how the production and set designers will bring Barbie and Ken home to the live-action movie. We have high hopes!

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