Weymouth Newtons Cove development: Boot Hill traffic still a concern

According to Congested District residents, Boot Hill ‘will become Weymouth’s air pollution cesspool’ if a proposed development continues.

As reported, Poole-based Juno Developments is looking to build up to 141 homes, a 60-bed nursing home and leisure facilities including office block, restaurant and gym/swimming pool on the former Bincleaves QinetiQ site near Weymouth’s Nothe Gardens.

The developer made revisions to the board after receiving feedback, including a reduction in the height of some buildings.

In response to traffic concerns, the developer said a reduction in unit numbers and better on-site parking provisions could alleviate the problem.

Dorset Echo: Developer submitted revised plans and plans to make some buildings lower than original proposalThe contractor has submitted revised plans and plans to make some buildings lower than the original proposal. (Image: Juno Advances)

Pollution and traffic jam in Boot Hill

But the changes did little to allay fears of additional traffic and pollution for people living near part of the A354 Rodwell Road – Boot Hill – The main route through Weymouth, which has previously received dubious praise for being one of Dorset’s dirtiest roads.

Weymouth resident Steve Elsworth said the developers initially appeared open to residents’ suggestions, but traffic concerns were not addressed.

“Boot Hill will, as always, bear the brunt of the new traffic,” Elsworth said.

“(The Road) currently exceeds twice the World Health Organization’s air pollution guidelines – if this development continues as planned, Boot Hill will become Weymouth’s air pollution cesspool.”

Dorset Echo: Concerns about traffic and air pollution at Boot Hill continue after a developer reviewed proposals for an improvement in Newton's CoveConcerns about traffic and air pollution at Boot Hill continue after a developer reviewed proposals for an improvement in Newton’s Cove. (Image: Dorset Echo)

Mr. Elsworth urged the developer to think about the wider community. He suggested that the developer could raise funds for additional bus services to the train station during rush hour and bring supplies to the area by sea or electric trucks to reduce pollution.

In addition, the contractor would be able to subsidize land train passes for residents, which would allow them to access the city without a car.

Paul Glossop, a Chapelhay resident, said: “The developer seems to have set aside traffic concerns. That’s the main issue for locals here – obviously I care about the scenery and it’s good that they lower the buildings – but to be honest, I’m stuck in traffic every morning on Boot Hill. work or school run for people who have to sit – extra cars that will make life even harder.

“Do we need another hospice? That’s the other thing I can think of.”

Dorset Echo: What might the proposed scheme look like?What might the proposed schema look like? (Image: Juno Advances)

“There’s no way they can expect to build a development this big and not bring more cars to Boot Hill,” said Joyce Stone, who lives near Boot Hill in Weymouth’s Chapelhay district.

Juno Developments statement

In response to concerns and suggestions raised by residents, James Dean, director of Juno, said:

The Weymouth Land Train is marketed for sightseeing and is aimed at the tourist market. The applicant discussed the potential of bringing buses to the Application Site with highway officials at Dorset County Council. However, it is unlikely that there will be enough bus travel demand generated by the development to make a new bus service economically viable in the long run. The maintenance of the site was carefully thought through and the plan was designed to accommodate a range of delivery vehicles. Applicant and end-users cannot dictate that their delivery vehicles are electrified. However, the development will make a positive contribution to the transition to existing electric vehicles through the provision of EV charging points within the programme.

The Transportation Assessment (TA) and subsequent Technical Assistance Supplement adopt the industry standard methodology for assessing the traffic impact of the development proposal. Preliminary discussions were held with Dorset County Council highways and agreed on the scope, parameters and methodologies adopted in the Technical Assistance report. Dorset County Council road officials expressed no concern about the conclusions reached in the Transportation Assessment reports.

It is also accepted that the application site is a previously developed brownfield field and when this field becomes operational, it creates traffic movements on local roads. The site also received planning permission for a care village in 2016. TA concludes that the proposed enhancement did not result in a significant net increase in traffic compared to previous use and 2016 planning approval.

In terms of air quality impacts, the application is supported by a detailed air quality assessment that provides an assessment of air quality against local air quality data from Dorset Council. This confirms that the proposed development will not result in significant air pollution impacts as a result of the proposed development. This also applies to the Boot Hill area.

Accordingly, the development will not have a significant impact on air pollution in the region. In addition, the number of parking lots has been minimized to help reduce reliance on private vehicles as a mode of transport and to encourage more sustainable ways such as walking and cycling. Moving away from the private car will bring positive improvements in local air quality and help transition to a low carbon economy and tackle the climate change emergency.

As part of the development process of the proposed plan, a nursing home need was assessed with a nursing home assessment provided as part of the application. The assessment showed the need for a nursing home at this location and also the design, location and scale of the nursing home was informed by an identified user who showed an interest in the site. market interest for a nursing home in this location.

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