We’re cleaning experts… our best tips to make your home sparkle again – and how to clean glass doors the right way

CLEANING our house is a task most of us often put off and leave for the ”next” weekend – after all, life is full of responsibilities and there are other things more important than a tidy house.

But for some, like the TV host Hayley Leitch, cleaning has become their full-time passion – and they’ll even spend their time and energy helping make strangers’ homes sparkling again.


The cleaning enthusiasts appeared on Channel 5 and shared their best tricks for getting the house sparklingCredit: Channel 5

Now Hayley, along with her team, Tom Swire and Chesley Medley-Brown, have teamed up to clean households across the country, starring Dirty home rescue on channel 5.

This week, the trio headed to Oxford, where they met 62-year-old Sue, a financial advisor for a tax office.

The long hours – as well as her sideline of making beautiful costumes for the local amateur drama troupe – meant Sue was too tired to even think about cleaning the property she moved into 17 years ago.

Over time, things started to pile up, and now the woman had left so much clutter and clutter everywhere that it had become a health hazard – especially since she was already struggling with mobility.

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Seeing the sheer amount of clothes and random items, the cleaning aficionados were horrified, but were eager to take on the challenge of giving the house a much-needed transformation.

After arriving, Hayley and her team started helping Sue clean up some mess in the bedroom.

But soon they discovered the first big problem: mold all over the bottom half of the walls.

Although Tom used a store bought spray to remove this, you can also make a DIY solution to tackle the problem – spray a bit of undiluted white vinegar and let it sit for an hour before wiping it off .

Meanwhile, in another room, the cleaning fanatics also stumbled upon a once beautiful wooden box with intricate details.

To bring it back to life, they used a small brush – and even a toothbrush – which helped remove the excess dust that had settled in the small crevices.

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Once clean, they grabbed coconut oil – this inexpensive cooking ingredient works wonders for wood furniture and can be used to both polish and protect the surface.

While Sue was trying to figure out what to keep in boxes, Hayley shared a cleaning hack for uPVC glass doors.

“Something I like to use on uPVC is dishwashing powder.

“It’s super concentrated – and because it’s so concentrated, it makes for a dream mix when it comes to tackling things like these uPVC doors that get pretty dingy.”

If your glass doors are just as badly in need of a makeover, pour a cup of dishwasher detergent into a container and add just enough water to make a paste.

“Get a sponge and then you can dip it in your paste.”

According to Hayley, there's an easy way to get all the grime off your glass doors


According to Hayley, there’s an easy way to get all the grime off your glass doorsCredit: Channel 5

After scrubbing the mixture onto the surfaces, use a wet cloth to wipe off any residue.

Hayley shared her best tips and tricks and also revealed how to deep clean a rug without putting it in the wash.

“Something that works really well for cleaning sheepskins is cornstarch – and it’s super, really simple.

“We’re going to clean a place – so if you find a place that feels pretty dingy, you go […] get a small amount of water.”

Cleaning hacks and tips

Here are some tips to help you clean your home like a pro:

Then, armed with a sponge that’s slightly damp, gently go over the area you’re trying to clean – but make sure the water is cold, not hot.

When you’re done, pour in a small amount of cornstarch—this, she explained, will pull grease, dirt, and oil out of the wool.

When the cornstarch is dry, it can be vacuumed up, Hayley demonstrated.

In Sue’s bedroom, the pro also showed how she cleans the headboard next to her bed.

The team helped the 62-year-old transform her home


The team helped the 62-year-old transform her homeCredit: Channel 5

As with any surface, start by vacuuming the area first – Hayley said this is to make sure the dust doesn’t get deeper into the crevices.

To clean the headboard, the sucker poured some dish soap into water and swung until there was white suds.

Use only the bubbles here and not the soapy water, as this will saturate the headboard – which is especially concerning for crushed velvet lovers.

And voila, after wiping with a sponge your headboard will sparkle like brand new.

After 48 hours of cleaning and organizing, Sue’s once-cluttered house was as tidy as ever — and she was emotional at seeing the drastic change.

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“I can’t recognize it. Oh, it’s beautiful!

“Good – and it will stay that way,” she vowed.

Before the makeover, there was so much junk everywhere that it had become a health hazard


Before the makeover, there was so much junk everywhere that it had become a health hazardCredit: Channel 5

Cleaning hacks and tips

Here are some tips to help you clean your home like a pro:

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