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More than 75 pilots from 934. The Airlift Wing returned here on May 19 from a three-month overseas mission to the United States European Command in support of Ukraine.

At short notice, 934 AW mobilized to Ramstein Air Base, Germany, on 16 February 2022 in an attempt to provide tactical air bridge support to include aviation medical evacuations with C-130H Hercules throughout EUCOM and the United States Africa Command AOR.

“We are proud of the hard work achieved during this deployment, and we are particularly pleased with the bond that our ‘Global Vikings’ have attached to the 165 AW Airmen. This partnership provided both wings with a platform to increase their tactical “Every sort of Task Force Iron Herk wing was a collective step taken to secure the necessary safeguards to defend our allies,” said Colonel Chris Lay, 934 AW Commander.


934 AW and 165. Airlift Wing combined their efforts in theater to form the Task Force Iron Herk. By the end of the deployment and the group’s final mission, the combined wings had logged over 749 flight hours and contributed to the support of more than 277 emergency services, transport of 1371 service members, 130 patients and air lifting of over 749 tons of cargo.

“The ability of the two units to activate 140 National Guard and Reserve Airmen on a short-term basis, deploy to AOR and integrate our collective assets underscores the management team’s professionalism and dedication from any pilot who had a hand in the game. The mission’s success,” said Colonel Robert S. Noren, 165 AW Commander.

May. Erik Anderson, 86th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Unit officer-in-charge and 934th Maintenance Squadron commander, said resilience helped them cope with the fluid and demanding environment in which they operated.

“When we left, we did not know what [specifically] we had to do and where we were going. When we got there, our daily mission was always changing and evolving. And everyone did a really good job of dealing with it, ”Anderson said.

As the world closely watched the events in Ukraine change rapidly, Anderson said they also saw but experienced the changes. When the Biden administration approved significant funding for immediate support for Ukraine, Anderson said he was impressed to see the 934 AW’s C-130 mission volume increase within a week, placing the task force in a better position to provide support. to Ukraine.

When he traveled in February, senior pilot Josiah Goodman, 934 Maintenance Squadron aerospace propulsion technician, was embarking on his first launch, and he said goodbye to his girlfriend Sofia Garduño.

Now back from his posting, he says he is looking forward to posting again.

“It was definitely a bit of a shock, I would say. You know what I mean, just being in the bigger bubble [EUCOM]. But it felt good, and you generally feel a little more united, ”said Goodman.

“That [the deployment] was a bit tough at first, but we got used to it and we made a lot of FaceTime calls, ”said Garduño.

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