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Web Design Trends to Watch in 2023


A variety of new and timeless design trends will distinguish the best websites in 2023. Consider implementing a few of these ideas to give your site a fresh look and feel.

Emma Pagano is the strategic director of web design and marketing firm Pagano Media, with offices in Worcester and Boston. Contact her at [email protected]

Creative Typography

Cool typography expresses creativity on your website. Fonts to watch out for: Futuristic, Serif, and Classic Modernism. Futuristic fonts mix sharp and rounded corners, large letters, and a clean blocky feel. Serif remains a timeless staple for brands evoking sophistication, timeless elegance and brand confidence. Classic modernist typefaces such as Neuvetica are rooted in clean lines and simplicity.

Subtle Animation

Animated text engages and informs the viewer. Fade in/out, slide in/out, animated typing, and horizontal and vertical scrolling enhance messaging. Animation overload can overwhelm viewers, so save this treatment for key message points.

Custom Artwork

Web visitors are tired of seeing similar stock photography on websites. Enter digital illustrations: a new way to tell your brand story. Illustrations tend to grab more attention than text, especially when users only scroll down a page for 10 seconds or less.

Scroll effects

As users scroll through a webpage, different layers of content can move at varying speeds, creating depth. Well-designed scroll effects entice users to scroll for more. Horizontal scrolling is a smart option for high portfolio websites, such as real estate, architecture, and construction.

Page speed

Many factors determine page speed, including file size and image compression. Since Google search places great importance on page speed, it is a major factor in determining the success of your website. Page speed impacts visitor satisfaction and ultimately your web conversion rate.



Web accessibility is the inclusive practice of making websites accessible to people with disabilities. Making your website accessible not only benefits people with disabilities, but also communicates with a wider pool of potential customers and employees. Start by adding alt text for images and use appropriate titles to describe the content in a meaningful way.


Video is the best way to present your employees, products and services. If your competitors list the written attributes of their products, while you view the products through video, viewers will be inclined to pursue the option they can see. Since Google owns YouTube, video helps boost Google search rankings.

color theory

Color influences the understanding, mood and behavior of a web visitor. Color theory helps web designers select impactful color combinations. Decide when to use bright or soft colors, depending on your brand identity and the emotions you want to evoke in visitors.

Search Engine Optimization

Prioritize SEO in the design phase. Make sure your navigation menu and pages accurately reflect your core product or services. Approach web design with a mobile-first mindset for SEO purposes.


Web visitors benefit from clean, easy-to-use websites in the age of information overload. A cluttered or confusing design confuses people and drives people away from your site. Less is more in 2023, and beyond.