“We help simplify process work so agents can focus on people work.”

The rise of real estate technologies in recent years is undeniable – from proptech and digital twins to iBuying and more. We spoke with Supra president Fayyad Sbaihat to understand how the company is using technology to shape the future for their more than 1 million eKEY® app subscribers in North America.

Q: Supra started out in hardware over 65 years ago. Talk to us about how the company has evolved.

Today we are more of a software company than a hardware company. In fact, we’ve transitioned 100% of our customers from hardware keys to digital access keys. We have a relentless focus on creating an ecosystem that provides easy access, plus value-added tools and technologies that empower today’s agents.

Q: Many real estate technologies disrupt the traditional broker-client relationship. What is Supra’s vision for tech-enabled solutions?

Real estate professionals are our employees, not our competitors. While digital entrants and iBuying services have given consumers more ways to search and “get into the process,” real estate professionals are still the real superheroes in the business. No technology can replace their intuition, expertise and guidance. If you’ve ever bought or sold a home, I bet you’ll agree.

Our vision of an integrated Supra ecosystem leads us to new avenues of service that help agents and brokers deliver more engaging experiences for their clients. We want to provide tools and technologies that help, support and make their lives easier for agents. If we help simplify process work, they can focus on people work. We are successful when they are successful.

Q: BrokerBay recently became part of Supra. What did you find interesting about their offering and how does it push Supra’s offering forward?

This integration is a great example of our commitment to putting tools and technologies in the hands of agents and it was a natural extension of Supra’s services.

Organizations, brokers and agents demanded a more modern and integrated display management solution because these are some of their most time-consuming and tedious tasks. We saw a good match where BrokerBay’s easy-to-use ecosystem could power new Supra offerings, not just for associations and their members, but also brokers.

Today, organizations representing nearly 200,000 real estate professionals have adopted our new Showing Management solution, and it is now the second largest and fastest growing. But what we have today is just the beginning – we’re excited for what’s to come.

Q: What are three areas of innovation that could fuel the next chapter of Supra?

First, we will continue to expand our ecosystem – innovating in ways that can empower agents, brokers and organizations and improve their productivity. We’ve heard a lot about pain points like document management, offer management, and other productivity stressors. Those are all things we listen to very carefully.

Second, there is the opportunity to provide real estate professionals with more business intelligence. We envision a future where we can combine Supra subscriber activity with market trend data to provide actionable insights around listings. For brokers, we could provide insights into team productivity and performance. Again, all the tools that enable our users to create the greatest possible value for their customers.

Finally, with the transformation of homes getting smarter, we are exploring leveraging the expertise and success of smart locks from our sister company Onity, a global leader in hotel access solutions. The framework is there to reshape Supra’s access methodology by seamlessly integrating smart home technology.

In our history we have disturbed our own affairs many times. We’ve revolutionized the industry – solutions that go beyond traditional access. We are now trying to do that again.

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