Ways to give your patio a makeover

Just because summer is coming to an end doesn’t mean you have to completely give up on the idea of ​​living outdoors.

Whether you have a large patio, balcony or terrace or a more compact space, with a few simple ideas you can upgrade your patio and continue to enjoy your outdoor space well into the winter months and beyond.

Weatherproof your room
If your outdoor furniture is starting to look a little dated and past its prime, now is the time to think about treating yourself to a new set.

Whether you’re planning to entertain friends, host a party or two over the holidays, or simply want to enjoy all that your outdoor space has to offer, you need comfortable, stylish and weather-resistant seating and dining furniture.

The first thing you should look at is which kind of patio furniture suits you best.

A four-seater garden set of the type available from a specialist quality outdoor furniture supplier is the ideal focal point around which to style your terrace.

Choose one made of robust and easy-to-maintain aluminium, and you will be able to enjoy your furniture for a lifetime, regardless of the weather the seasons offer.

Your deck or patio can stay usable much longer when you have some form of shelter, either from the scorching sun in summer or from showers and breezes in the cooler months.

An awning or gazebo firmly attached to secure anchor points on the wall or ground gives the illusion of an extension to the indoors, especially if you continue with the color scheme.

Interchangeable color palettes work well to seamlessly blend indoors and outdoors.

Try painting fences and boundary walls in pastel colors or bolder shades for a real impact.

Plants and flowers everywhere
Regardless of the size of your terrace, patio or balcony, the space will not be complete without plenty of flowers and plants to soften and enhance the look.

The spring and summer months are the ideal time to experiment with interchangeable pots of colorful bedding annuals.

Buy them ready to plant in pots, tubs and hanging baskets for immediate impact.

Opt for a specific color palette or go wild with the wide range of vibrant colors that annual bedding flowers provide.

Plant in different sizes and heights of pots for maximum visibility.

When planning your patio display, don’t forget the most important color of all, which is green.

Green is known to be the color of relaxation and there are so many different shades of green that it is impossible to choose just one.

Don’t underestimate the impact of a large, exquisite foliage plant, such as a fern, bamboo or palm, or even a small tree, all of which can be grown in decorative tubs.

These can also provide some privacy while you relax and unwind.

Turn it on
Lighting is an important consideration when it comes to how and when you can use your outdoor space and enjoy your new garden furniture to the fullest.

Decorative and temporary lighting, such as candles or solar lights, are ideal for those evenings when darkness has just started to fall and give your garden a real glow.

Choose aromatic candles such as cedar or tea tree to chase away any moths and mozzies.

Spot lighting can be used to highlight any special features, while floor lamps placed around the terrace offer a modern and practical solution.

Strings of fairy lights hung from trees or fences cast a magical glow.

Now you just need some comfortable seat cushions, beautiful table decorations and some warm plates to complete your terrace ready for the cooler evenings.

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