Watch the trend: Meet the next hot houseplant

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Watch the trend: Meet the next hot houseplant

directionPlant parents may want to note the trendiest houseplant on the market – Geogenanthus ciliatus, available from Costa Farms and winner of the “Best New Foliage” award at the Tropical Plant International Expo. According to a recent story in the New York Times about botanical hunters scouring the world in search of the next “he” plant, Geo, as this newcomer is called, has “slightly coiled buds, almost black and a thick leaf that suggests it would be difficult to kill” Could this tropical trend have an effect on perennial vegetation?

expert.: Katie Dubbo, President, Garden Media Group

Expert opinion“Geo hasn’t spread yet, it’s still in the rare plant collector stage,” Dubow said. “Plants have multiple stages, the first of which is where there is not enough [of them] to be mainstream [so] They are “rare” and collectible. the last [phase is] Saturate every Walmart across America, and the different steps in between. Geo is in the first stage.”

What Dubrow sees as a trend in the plant world are indoor plants that do double duty. Think of houseplants that bloom, carnivorous plants, scent plants and variegated plants. Specifically: Alocasia Dawn, Nepenthes Vivid Machine, and Lavender Sensational.

“The fiddle-leaf fig is still the best-selling large houseplant on the market, and I don’t see that changing. I see plants going in and out of style and any perennial plant that has tried to keep up with trends will kill themselves trying,” Dubbo said.

Geogenanthus ciliatus

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