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Watch the hilarious moment a woman has to pose as an Irish accent to work on Google’s home device


An Australian woman has shared the hilarious moment she had to impersonate her boyfriend’s Irish accent to light his lamp.

Chloe Farrington, who posts under @chodefarrington, posted the viral video to her TikTok.


The woman was unable to make the lamp light using her own voice.
His lamp went on instantly after asking Google to come home with an Irish accent.


His lamp went on instantly after asking Google to come home with an Irish accent.

Captioning the video, Chloe said: “My boyfriend is Irish and my Google house won’t listen to me unless I impersonate him.”

In an attempt to turn on his lamp, he says, “Hey Google, turn on the living room lamp.” – with his own Australian accent.

The lamp remained off, as her Google Home responded, “To control your lights with the Google Assistant, you’ll need to set it up in the Google Home app.”

Then she repeated her question but this time she mimicked the way her Irish boyfriend would say it.

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And Chloe was hysterical as the lamp went on immediately.

Google Play then replied: “Living room lamp on.”

This hilarious video went viral, receiving 254.6 thousand views and 30.4 thousand likes.

People who watched the video thought it was entertaining, and many commented that he turned on his own lamp.

One said, “You just turned on the light in my living room.”


Another said: “Why did my Google only respond to the second prompt?”

And another person added: “I’m Irish and you just turned on my lights.”


Meanwhile, a tech expert has warned people not to put their Amazon Echo Alexa devices in their bedrooms.

While the new devices may have been an excellent Christmas gift, users may be getting more than they bargained for.

More commonly known by the name of your artificial intelligence assistant Alexa, Echo devices can do everything from give you updates on the news or weather to set alarms and play your favorite song using voice control.

However, some users may not be aware that the devices are capable of recording conversations around them, the Mirror reports.

Dr Hannah Fry, a mathematician and tech company algorithm expert at University College London, said the device should be kept out of private spaces.

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She explained: “I think there are some spaces in your home, like the bedroom and the bathroom, that need to remain completely private.

“This technology is activated by a trigger word, but continues to record for a short period afterward. People accept it, but we should all spend more time thinking about what it means to us.”