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Warm Colors for the Bedroom – 9 Warm Schemes to Recreate


If you’re trying to make the bedroom feel cozier, color is the place to start. There’s a veritable array of soothing, soothing shades that can transform your space from a sterile space with white walls to a cocooning haven. These relaxing colors can be taken from all over the color wheel, whether it’s a cool color in a darker shade, or a color from the warmer side of the color scheme, in a muted and less saturated shade.

Dark shades are the obvious choice for creating a warm feeling in the bedroom. “Having a cozy room means using richer colors for the space to help brighten the room,” says interior designer Linda Hayslett of LH Designs. Using dark colors such as navy blue, chocolate, gray or even plum helps achieve this by keeping the light to a minimum. This helps the bedroom feel like it’s interfering with you and helps you relax.