Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards 2022 Winners Announced

Welcome to the Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards 2022, where we announce the winners of our second annual exploration of the ever-changing worlds of new home technology. This year we were honored to be joined by Kim Colin from Industrial Facility, as well as Rossana Hu and Lyndon Neri from Neri & Hu as judges, overseeing a wide range of devices, gadgets, appliances and more.

These awards are a good opportunity to see what’s new and what’s next in the world of product design, exploring innovative ideas and up-to-date approaches, with an eye toward products that will go the distance and deliver good service and lasting pleasure.

Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards 2022: the winners


Synonimo Essentials Coffee Tools from Synonimo

Image courtesy of Synonym

This delightfully simple set of espresso-making tools was created by the San Francisco-based company Synonimo and made in Taiwan. The seamlessly stackable ensemble is made of textured solid aluminum with hybrid cladding, oak and cork, and was explicitly intended to emphasize the ritual and delight of the coffee-making process. The company has even thought about things like the sound each material makes when it hits the ground, and the level of quality ensures that these utensils will last a lifetime, whether at home or in the studio.


Lick Palette 05: Maximalist Brights by Yinka Ilori x Lick

Reflection 01. Image courtesy of Lick

Acclaimed artist Yinka Ilori has teamed up with UK home decor brand Lick to create a dazzling range of paintings and wallpapers. Ilori’s polychromatic powers are well known, and her collaboration with Lick taps into the vibrancy of her art and installations. The Palette 05: The Maximalist Brights collection includes five colors and two geometric wallpaper patterns, all designed to harmonize in a bold and relentlessly refreshing way.


Kohler x Daniel Arsham

Our second award-winning collaboration paired contemporary American artist Daniel Arsham with Kohler. The result was Rock.01, a strikingly sculptural 3D printed sink. Kohler, who has nearly a century and a half of stonemaking experience, worked with Arsham to create this limited-edition piece. Debuting at Design Miami 2021, Rock.01 marks the beginning of an ongoing partnership between the American artist and manufacturer.


Alpha Cell by Syng

Image courtesy of Syng

We have all been seduced by the aesthetics of Syng’s Cell Alpha speaker. An unabashedly bold piece of industrial design, the circular Cell Alpha uses sensors to measure your room and shape the sound field accordingly. Best used in open plan rooms where you can maximize the feeling of space, Cell Alpha can be placed on the floor, mounted on the wall or even suspended from the ceiling. “The product makes me want to listen,” says Industrial Facility judge Kim Colin, who chose Cell Alpha as one of his favorite entries at the 2022 Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards, “because Syng seems to know something about what the future will look like. “. it could be better!’


A space for Katsuki Connection prayer rugs

Image courtesy of Katsuki Connection

Katsuki Connection’s new rug collection captured our life-enhancing category, thanks to its rich mix of artisanal techniques and bold colors. ‘A Space for Prayer’ is a design that evokes the traditional art of brushed ink on washi paper, with a changing variety of textures intended to trigger sensory cues. The colorful rugs also hint at the art of origami, and the entire collection is fully customizable in terms of size and thickness. Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards 2022 judge Rossana Hu praised the company for taking “a traditionally dull, one-piece product and twisting its visual fun to provide a culturally inspired aesthetic that enhances its function.”


Wall-Smart Recessed Wall Mount for Sonos Sound Bar

Image courtesy of Wall-Smart

One of our two winning hi-fi components worked with a market leader to transform the way their product was used. Wall-Smart Sonos Soundbar Flush Mount Wall Mounts provide a simple and straightforward alternative to the standard. Able to switch to several different wall finishes, the thoughtfully designed bracket allows you to seamlessly incorporate Sonos’ award-winning streaming technology into your space.


Cambridge Audio Alva TT V2 Turntable

Image courtesy of Alba

A sleek, minimalist take on vinyl, the Alva TT V2 impressed our judges with its no-nonsense aesthetics and wireless capability. Cambridge Audio has combined a quality cartridge, tonearm and cymbal with the convenience of Bluetooth streaming.


polar star spaces

Image courtesy of Polaris

Polestar has pushed the boat out with its retail design spaces. From the start, this branch of Volvo’s automotive division was determined to do things differently, whether it be with the design of its cars, the use of materials, or even the way it sells things. Instead of relying on conventional showrooms, the Swedish company is creating a series of ‘Polestar Spaces’ to inform and educate potential customers, who will complete their online ordering experience. The spaces are simple and minimal, with a focused approach to the design of the car’s finishes, materials and components.


Caussa ‘Echo’ Table Lamp

Image courtesy of Caussa

Caussa’s ‘Echo’ series of table lamps impressed with their ability to function flawlessly in both the home and office. Designed by Simon Busse, the base of the lamp was based on the shape of a tuning fork, creating a narrow loop-shaped rail to support the adjustable circular head of the lamp. Offered in black, white, red and blue, ‘Echo’ is made from powder coated aluminum and acrylic glass and can easily switch from formal to casual.


Charge 5 for Fitbit

Image courtesy of Fitbit

The Charge 5 proved that Fitbit’s focus on dedicated trackers was a smart move. Much less bulky than even the thinnest smartwatch, the Charge 5 packs nearly every level of functionality packed into its slim strap. Fitbit’s holistic approach to all facets of wellness metrics has been further expanded with the addition of high and low heart rate monitoring, as well as a special sensor that monitors your stress levels. Built-in GPS, exercise modes, and sleep tracking come standard, wrapped in a recyclable aluminum casing.


Grohe Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold Level range

Image courtesy of Grohe

Grohe’s first attempt at bringing circularity of design to market struck a chord with our judges. The German manufacturer has reviewed four of its best-selling products to ensure they meet the Cradle-to-Cradle Products Innovation Institute’s rigorous certified gold level. As a result, key products like the Grohe Eurosmart basin mixer and the Grohe BauEdge mixer, along with shower heads and accessories, are now manufactured in such a way that their main materials can be recycled and reused endlessly. All four also benefit from Grohe’s EcoJoy water-saving technology.


Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum Cleaner by Roborock

Image courtesy of Roborock

Our domestic futures look ever cleaner. Our panel was impressed with Roborock’s S7 MaxV Ultra robot vacuum cleaner, which combines the usual sweeping mode with the ability to mop, giving this disc-shaped device the ability to switch between surfaces and mop as well as suck. . With a charging base capable of holding seven weeks of dirt, this little machine is designed to be turned on and forgotten.


Samsung JetBot AI+

Image courtesy of Samsung

Samsung’s Jet Bot AI+ takes the heavy lifting out of everyday life with the addition of a 3D sensor and AI mapping to increase the accuracy of your navigation and cleaning speed. Unlike some of its rivals, the Jet Bot embraces a more open sci-fi aesthetic, with clean white lines and a built-in camera that can stream images to your smartphone for home security checks.


Hypertouch surface by Iris Ceramica Group

Image courtesy of Iris Ceramica

Iris Ceramica developed Hypertouch to give the smart home a more seamless aesthetic. A capacitive switching system is only limited by the designer’s imagination and can be integrated into any of the Italian ceramics specialist’s wide variety of material finishes. The end result is a completely smooth control surface that is indistinguishable from its surroundings, making the operation of lighting, heating, cooling and AV equipment nearly invisible.


Citroen ami

Image courtesy of Citroen

Citroën has hit the jackpot with its electric Ami, a city car that debuted as a concept, took Paris by storm and now looks set to do the same in the UK. The imminent arrival of Ami 100% Ëlectric will be a rare opportunity to savor what the French already know; Purpose-built urban electric vehicles make much more sense in Europe’s crowded city centers. The 46-mile range and 28-mph top speed is all you need for short jumps, and a microcar footprint doesn’t take up more space than you need. A delivery van version is also available; all models share a commitment to recyclability and low, low impact.


Samsung Sero

Image courtesy of Samsung

Samsung’s Sero TV turns convention on its head by catering to the inexorable and unstoppable rise of vertical format content. Sero is a high-quality 4K QLED display, capable of delivering mainstream TV and cinema content in stunning resolution. Pair it with your smartphone, though, and the screen will rotate 90 degrees to exactly match what you see on screen. That portrait mode is also great for minimizing the TV’s presence in your life when it’s not needed.


Carl Friedrik’s professional hand luggage

Image courtesy of Carl Friedrik

Carl Friedrik’s latest foray into adorable luggage is the Carry-on Pro, which combines a hard shell front pocket for peace of mind when carrying laptops and tablets, an aluminum frame, and an ultralight ribbed polycarbonate shell, making it makes it one of the best handbags. ons around. The vintage look is enhanced with Italian leather details in a choice of three rich colors (Cognac, Chocolate or Black) and there are four quiet rolling casters that won’t draw unwanted attention on your travels through the terminal.


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