Wag Hotels, luxury dog ​​hotel in SF, accused of animal neglect

A popular luxury dog ​​hotel in San Francisco, where rooms can cost upwards of $150 a night, is now the subject of investigation following a series of viral TikTok videos accusing the hotel of neglecting dogs in its care.

The San Francisco location of Wag Hotels, a dog boarding chain unrelated to the dog-walking startup of the same name, has been accused in at least two viral videos on the social media platform of neglecting to care for pets — sparking online anger. Wag Hotels has his Twitter account locked (after brief deactivation of the account) and limited comments on his Instagram account after the backlash. Yelp also has limited reviews for the hotel.

A TikTok user named Mitchie — who has a popular account with content about her dog Miso — was the first person to publicly criticize the San Francisco location last week. (She declined to be interviewed by SFGATE.)

In a video, she explained the litany of the problems her dog is said to have encountered during his stay on August 5-7. She is said to have been given access to a camera to remotely monitor Miso’s room until the second day of his stay (a facility she says she pays extra for), and a camera in a playroom apparently showed her dog’s paws visible. were dirty.

“When I picked him up, he was covered in urine all over his body, all over his legs, all the way up to his elbows and he was in a very, very bad mental state,” Mitchie said in the video.

She claimed in a Yelp review on the company’s page — which featured photos of Miso’s paws — that her dog had been given poor shelter during his stay.

“I believe that Miso was not placed in the correct accommodation – and that is not only why the staff refused to share a video link, but also why he came home in such a bad condition,” she wrote in her review.

Michael Griggs, chief operating officer of Wag Hotels, acknowledged that “there were a few issues with Miso’s recent stay,” but denied that Miso had suffered from poor accommodation or abuse.

“He enjoyed three solid days of supervised play, slept in a luxurious private suite on a raised memory foam bed, had a big appetite and became a staff favorite,” Griggs said in a statement to SFGATE. Griggs also explained that the delay in the camera in the private room was due to the “camera malfunction”.

A photo that Mitchie posted on Yelp of Miso’s paws.

Mitchie N./Yelp

But that video has been viewed more than 2 million times Monday afternoon — and more customers came forward in comments from Mitchie’s video alleging their dogs were mistreated while staying at Wag Hotels. Another aggrieved customer of Wag Hotels, Cilla Chan, claimed in a separate TikTok video on Aug. 9 that the hotel did not feed her dog Cobie until hours after her usual feeding time. She claimed she heard her dog yelling at the camera for food.

“The playgroups are so oversubscribed, they’re so crowded, it’s almost like those fish in aquariums where they can barely swim past each other,” she said in the video. (Chan also declined to be interviewed.)

“Wag Hotels is committed to providing first class care and service to all guests, and what happened during Miso’s stay was not up to our standards,” Griggs wrote to SFGATE.

Wag has nine locations in California, including four in the Bay Area.

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