Voters can choose from a list of new candidates for open seats in the city council

Turlock residents living on the east side of the city in Districts 1 and 3 will have to choose between a host of new faces in the upcoming elections, as neither sitting candidate is running for office. The deadline for candidates to run for a seat on the City Council has passed, with two competing for the seat in District 1 (southeast of Turlock) and four hoping to win the seat in District 3 (northeast Turlock).

Real estate agent Chris Nichols and physician assistant Kevin Bixel are both competing for the District 1 seat currently represented by Nicole Larson.

Candidates for District 1 of the City Council include Chris Nichols and Kevin Bixel.

An alumnus of Turlock High and Stanislaus State, Nichols is also very involved in the community, coaching basketball at Turlock Christian Junior High for eight years and playing piano at Cornerstone Covenant Church. He has also served on multiple boards for the City of Turlock over the past decade, which led him to run for the Council seat.

“The city of Turlock has been very good to me… I feel like I have created jobs and industry and that I strive every day for happiness in our great city. I have been fortunate to have amazing success in the city of Turlock and it is time to inspire, motivate and create opportunities for the people of Turlock,” said Nichols.

Nichols’ priorities are economic development, homelessness, roads and water.

“To be a successful broker I have to spend a lot of time listening to people talk about the challenges Turlock is facing. Most people agree that repairing our roads, supporting fire and police, solving the homeless problem, fiscal stability and protecting our water supply are the most important issues facing Turlock today.

“As a member of the City Council, not only will I be working with the Mayor and Council colleagues on the matter, but I will also be using my business expertise and experience to attract new businesses to Turlock, creating much-needed new jobs for our residents. be created,” Nichols said.

Turlock has been a home to Bixel and his family for over 55 years.

“My parents moved here for my father to start his own business in the 1960s as one of the local dentists in town. I grew up in a Turlock with many opportunities, clean and friendly to our neighbors – new and old,” Bixel said.

Bixel also pursued a career in the medical field, initially as a paramedic responding to emergency situations in Stanislaus County for nearly a decade and now as a physician assistant.

“My passion for helping people in their most critical condition has propelled my career in our community for the past 20 years specializing in surgery, emergency care and emergency care. While my wife and I were raising our family in Turlock. to help those in need doesn’t stop with patients; now I believe Turlock himself is in need,” he said.

Bixel’s priorities are bringing civility to the Council, homelessness, roads and public safety.

“I look forward to helping restore Turlock’s character in these ever-changing and politically charged times in which we live. I will work with leaders in the political aisle with respect, not hostility. By raising two intelligent young women at the side of my equally quirky wife, all of whom have different political perspectives, I recognize that finding common ground brings better solutions for all. Working together is needed to tackle issues such as truly reducing homelessness in Turlock, realistically upgrading our road network and improving the quality of our public safety for citizens and public safety officers alike. I will lead Turlock to a brighter future through a multifaceted policy approach,” said Bixel.

Those living in northeast Turlock will have four candidates for the District 3 seat to choose from in November, as incumbent Andrew Nosrati will not be running.

Lifelong Turlocker and real estate agent Kelly Higgins said she wants to make a difference in her community.

“I want to be your voice. One that demonstrates common sense. I am a real estate agent, mother, business owner and productive member of society. These are just some of the reasons why I want to be the councilor elected to this seat. I will be bringing these qualities to District 3, which needs a fresh new voice that won’t say no to things that are important to you, like repairing our roads,” she said.

Higgins’ priorities are to “continue efforts to repair the city’s roads, support our law enforcement and fire departments, prioritize our water quality and supply for both city residents and agricultural properties, and support the current council in addressing of homelessness, temporary and related criminal activities that are unavoidable in this situation.”

Consultant Ramin Odisho is a past president of the Assyrian American Civic Club of Turlock and the Assyrian United Organizations of California. The Turlock High alumnus has a criminal justice degree and experience in various management and consultant positions.

Odisho said he was asked to run for the District 3 seat because the council “must represent all residents of Turlock and not just special interest groups.”

“Turlock residents deserve to have their voices heard and be represented by leaders who are experienced in their communities, but also sensitive to their problems,” said Odisho.

Safety and security are a top priority for him.

“I believe that by improving our community, we can provide a safe environment for our children and families to enjoy a quality of life that is no longer available in the large overgrown metropolis to the west of us,” he said.

dr. Cassandra Abram grew up in Turlock and returned home after college to join a local optometry practice. For the past two years, she has put her career on hold while raising her two young children.

“My career revolves around serving people and solving their problems. I have this drive to want to do that on a larger scale, to help Turlock prepare for its future,” Abram said.

A top priority for Abram is public safety.

“Public safety means safe streets and sidewalks, first responders working in our community. It means public spaces and safe parks,” she said.

Abram is also focused on helping to prepare Turlock for a “future with less water available” by “moving to more sustainable environmental projects”.

When it comes to homelessness, Abram said she has a unique perspective as she worked on a community health project in Skid Row in Los Angeles while college.

“I feel I have the dedication and work ethic to help our city and solve problems,” she said.

Ryan Taylor, who graduated from Pitman High School in 2021, is also running for the District 3 seat. The current Modesto Junior College student has volunteered at local events and said he looks forward to sharing his thoughts on how he can make a positive difference in Turlock.

“I would like to see Turlock continue to grow economically and as a healthy place to raise a family. My ideas come from a fresh, young perspective. I intend to encourage all community members to get involved in local government and keep our city strong. I also want to see Turlock stay connected to its past as it moves towards the future,” Taylor said.

Taylor said his priorities, if chosen, would include roads, access to public toilets and homelessness.

“My priorities are to be the voice for District 3 by listening to residents and representing their concerns at city council meetings, developing a strategic plan for road improvements, improving access to public toilets and finding a viable action plan to end homelessness within Turlock. to deal with. I want to continue to support city services as they work to make our community better,” he said.

All residents of Turlock will also vote on who will represent them as mayor in the next election. Former City Councilor Gil Esquer challenges incumbent Mayor Amy Bublak. The election will take place on November 8. For information on how to register to vote or how and where to receive a ballot, visit

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