Voted Scottish dialect ‘most attractive in the UK’

Scotland, and in particular Glasgow, has been called the home of the most attractive accent in the United Kingdom.

The nationwide poll put the Scottish accent ahead of previous winners of Northern Ireland and West Yorkshire.

The research was conducted as part of the Most Attractive Traits Study, and respondents were asked to identify regional dialects and dialects that they considered attractive.

The survey also looked at which would be a turn off when considering dating a potential partner.

While Scotland received 36% of the vote, Northern Ireland was considered the second most attractive dialect, with 22% of those surveyed considering it the most attractive.

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Also interesting were West Yorkshire (16%), Welsh (15%) and Jordi (9%).

In general, northern dialects are considered more attractive than those in the south.

The survey went on to ask people which specific part of the region they consider the most convincing, with results showing that Glasgow is the preferred place for people in Scotland, followed by Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee.

Glasgow celebs with the most dreamy accents include James McAvoy, Billy Connolly, Michelle Gomez, and Peter Capaldi—plus beloved hostess Lauren Kelly.

On the other end of the scale, it’s the Broome dialect – local to Birmingham, and the Essex dialect and Cockney dialect that have been voted the most criticized in the UK.

1 in 10 (9%) of people surveyed admitted that they would consider going on a date with someone based solely on their accent – which means that Scottish and Northern Irish people might want to consider adding their accent to their dating app profiles.

Diving deeper into the Most Attractive Trait Study, the survey analyzed historical lists of the most attractive men and most attractive women to determine which physical traits we consider most attractive – with tall, dark and handsome appearances for both sexes.

Based on the data, the study found that the most attractive man in the world has short dark brown hair, brown eyes, a short beard or at least a light beard, and is exactly 6 feet tall and is in good shape, while the sexiest women wear an average length. Amount of makeup, she has medium length dark brown hair and brown eyes, and she has a heart shaped face.

To see the full results of the Most Attractive Features Study, please visit:

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