Ventura and ghost water

Here at Ventura we have an eerie, unnatural phenomenon – an invisible source of water that civilian forces can trade even in its ghostly intangible form. This is what our City Council has just negotiated with a municipality not far away. We’ll lease some of our non-existent state water supply to San Gorgonio so we don’t have to pay full price for an annual water promise and we’ll have our spot to get it someday. .

To get these precious Sierra waters, we would need to connect a long pipe to the state water project from Camarillo, which we learned could take two or three years to build. But more importantly, the state must have that water for us, which it certainly doesn’t. Reduced to 5% of normal consumables. You’ve seen photos of more or less empty reservoirs in the state, some so empty, revealing bodies in barrels that were dumped into these reservoirs years ago. Who did this? We don’t know. (These folks, “Did she sleep with the fishes?”) Like so much about the water in California, everything is shrouded in political fog and dark suspicion.

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