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Upside down Christmas tree: Learn the true meaning


A new trend in Christmas decor has been popping up everywhere these past few holiday seasons: Inverted Christmas tree.

The inverted-cap twist on Christmas decorations has taken holiday decorating by storm the past few years—from shopping malls and living rooms to hotel ballrooms and corporate reception areas. (In 2017, designer Karl Lagerfeld erected a 16-foot-tall inverted tree in the lobby of London’s iconic Claridge’s Hotel.)

The upside-down Christmas tree has been a huge part of the holiday aesthetic displayed by social media influencers and interior designers in recent years, and many artificial tree manufacturers now sell upside-down evergreens as part of their Christmas tree displays. But where did this upward trend begin? And what’s the point of putting your Christmas tree on its triangular top? Is there a special meaning behind it?

If you are asking yourself these questions about what upside down Christmas trees represent, you are in the right place! We will answer all your questions about the meaning behind the upside down Christmas tree here!

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