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After Queen Elizabeth II’s death was announced, some flowers were left outside some of Her Majesty’s residences and royal homes across the UK, including Buckingham Palace, Windsor, Sandringham, and Balmoral, where she died peacefully on Thursday, 8 September 2022.

It is customary for mourners to leave tributes (such as flowers, wreaths, and cards) during this period of national mourning, and the royal family has visited some of these sites to read the tribute in person.

William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales joined Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, to witness the floral tribute at Windsor Castle. Meanwhile, Princess Beatrice, Peter Phillips, Zara Tindall, Lady Louise Windsor, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Edward, and Earl of Wessex read letters and floral tributes after attending mass at Crate Kerk Church near Balmoral.

The Prince and Princess of Wales with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex outside Windsor CastleChris Jackson Getty Images

Elsewhere, King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort, watched the late Queen Elizabeth II’s floral greetings outside Buckingham Palace, the royal residence in London and the king’s administrative residence. Buckingham Palace is now asking the public to lay flowers in the Green Park Floral Tribute GardenIt is the official flower honoring site and the primary flower planting site near Buckingham Palace.

What counts as a floral tribute?

“Any form of floral homage is acceptable,” Royal Parks explains. “For the sake of sustainability, we are asking visitors to only place organic or compostable materials.”

Please remove the wrapper from the flowers prior to your arrival, however, boxes will be provided for those who cannot do so. Removing the casing will help extend the life of the flowers.

No gifts and artifacts will be accepted and the public will be asked not to bring them into the parks. Royal Parks advises against bringing teddy bears or balloons. However, cards and stickers will be accepted.

Flowers salute to the Queen

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How long will the floral greeting remain on the site?

The floral tribute will be left on site at Green Park until all festive activities take place. They are expected to be removed from park areas seven to 14 days after the Queen’s state funeral, which will take place on Monday 19 September at Westminster Abbey.

What will happen to the flowers and cards?

Floral tributes will be monitored throughout this period of mourning. The damaged flowers will be transported to the Hyde Park Arboretum for processing and composting, meanwhile, cards and stickers will be periodically separated from the flowers and stored off-site. “This process will be done with caution and sensitivity,” Royal Parks emphasizes.

Once all flower forms have been removed from the Green Park, they will be moved to Hyde Park Nursery for processing to remove any remaining packaging, tags and labels, and separate plant material for composting in nearby Kensington Gardens. This organic matter will then be used in shrubs and landscaping projects across the Royal Gardens.

Greetings from the Queen of Flowers UK Websites What Happens to Flowers

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• Where to place the tribute flowers •

There are prime locations across the UK where you can put flowers in memory of Her Majesty. There may also be places within your local community, Such as a city hall or a place of worship. sRent Check your local authority’s website for more information.


A memorial flower garden has been established in Green Park, which is now the main flower-laying site near Buckingham Palace. Any flowers left near Buckingham Palace will be delicately transported at the end of each day to the Green Park Floral Tribute Garden.

Floral Greetings in Green Park
Flowers and cards in Green ParkMike KempGetty Images


At Windsor Castle, flowers can be laid out on the Long Walk at Cambridge Gate near the city center. These flowers will be brought inside the castle every evening, and placed on the Castle Chapter lawn on the south side of St George’s Chapel and Cambridge Drive assures the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. Once again, please be sure to remove the floral packaging.

Floral salute at Windsor Castle
Honoring the flowers at Windsor CastleChris Jackson pictures


Flowers can be placed at Norwich Gate on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk for those who wish to pay their respects. The one-way system is on.

Floral salute to the Queen at Norwich Gate outside Sandringham Estate
Photographs of the floral tribute were taken at Norwich Gate outside Sandringham CountyLindsey BarnabyGetty Images


The floral tribute can be placed in the designated area of ​​Hillsborough Castle, in Castle Forecourt, in front of the main gates. Upon arrival at the Icon Center, any cellophane wrapping will be removed and disposed of. The notes will also be removed and retained by the Northern Ireland Government Office (NIO) at the Eikon Center for transmission to Buckingham Palace.

Please note that other crafts, such as teddy bears, are not allowed to be placed. The soft toys will be removed and stored at the Eikon Center and then donated by NIO to local hospitals.

Watching flowers at Hillsborough Castle, south of Belfast in Northern Ireland
Flowers are seen at Hillsborough Castle, south of Belfast in Northern IrelandPaul ImanGetty Images


At the Palace of Holyroodhouse, members of the public can place a floral salute in Physic Park, next to the Abbey Strand Gate. To reduce waiting times, there are two separate queues. Local authorities have also arranged for a floral homage to be displayed throughout Scotland, please check with your local authority.



The Queen passed away at her beloved Scotland home in Balmoral. Flowers can be placed at the main gate of the castle. The Scottish Government asserts that “arrangements will be made between the Worker, Aberdeenshire Council and the Police of Scotland for members of the public wishing to leave the flower salute at the main gate of Balmoral Castle”.

Greetings from the Queen of Flowers UK Websites What Happens to Flowers
Flowers laid by the public in memory of Queen Elizabeth II are seen outside the gates of Balmoral CastleSamir HusseinGetty Images


Anyone wishing to leave flowers can do so at the main entrance to Cardiff City Hall. Local arrangements are also being made throughout Wales to place a floral homage, please check your local authority website for details.

• honor •

Another appropriate way of honoring is by making a donation to one of Her Majesty’s many charities and sponsorships. Read more at

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