Try Queen, Nirvana at Lucky Coffee in Asheville

ASHEVILLE – A North Carolina barista has moved from a horse trailer to open a coffee shop in South Asheville.

For several years, Savannah Logan honed her brewing skills and learned the coffee business by working in stores in Wilmington. Her passion was based on both products and human connections.

“I’ve always liked coffee shops. I’ve worked with them since I was 17 and managed one for a few years,” said Logan, 22. “Growing up, I’ve changed a lot. I was homeschooled. This was the first place I felt I had a regular group of friends. And I saw people who would normally never interact become friends or talk about a common interest. I felt that a lot of demographics that have nothing in common still have coffee in common.”

A year ago, she tried her hand at being an entrepreneur and launched Lucky Coffee, a mobile cafe converted from a horse trailer complete with overhead bar, sink and fridge and powered by a generator. Logan has used it to serve clients at farmers and art markets, offices, sporting events, and more in Wilmington.

Lucky Coffee is a mobile cafe founded by Savannah Logan (right) and built with Wesley Regnier (left).  A brick and mortar site is now open in South Asheville.

This spring, Logan opened Lucky Coffee’s first physical store at 2619 Sweeten Creek Road. The mobile cafe helped prepare her for the new venture in her new home in Asheville, she said.

“I love it. It was a long-time dream and it’s a lot of fun,” Logan said of the furniture store. “It’s a lot of work. It’s very different from being (in the cafe) because you have to be in the mood, assemble and break, and the generator, getting 20 pound bags of ice. But I still love it and it definitely prepared me for it even more than working at other stores.”

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