Transfer of ownership of West Jefferson October 27 to November 2 | Home and garden

Below is a selection of properties sold in West Jefferson Parish from October 27 to November 2, 2022. Data compiled from public records

West Jefferson

Transfers from October 27 to November 2


Peaky Drive 176: Patrick J. Taylor to Robin Taylor, donation.


Bayou Harbor Division, Section 141: Yvonne Nickens to Preston A. Mamulu, $389,000.

Bridge City

12th 120th Street: Zaragoza LLC to T&AW Services LLC, $120,000.

157th Ninth Street: Jackie A. Capehart to Corey Albarado, $83,000.

Grand Isle

Hurricane Marina Boat Homes, Unit 6: David L. Meyer and Rennie W. Meyer to Marvin J. Travassos Jr. and Phyllis B. Travassos, $125,500.

Queen Piece Pie Division, Batch 20: Marilyn T. Guidry by Michael B. McCauley and Krista D.


Alexander Court 1629: Francisco J. Ortega and Maria de Ortega to Christian R. Reyes, $78,900.

Appletree Lane 308: Luis F. Escobar to Israel H. Hernandez and Maribel E. Hernandez, $63,000.

Bannerwood Drive 501: Scott O’Reilly to Fernanda Boos, $232,500.

Browning Lane 2137: Ryan L. Delatte to Brandon Danna, $175,000.

Carol Sue Ave. 2440: HCLD LLC to Kimuyen Nguyen and Loc N. Huynh, $2,889,100.

Carol Sue Ave. 2472: HCLD LLC to Mary E. Lillie, $299,900.

Fire Thorn Drive 304: Rosaria GD English to Ralph W. English and Mary AE Price, donation.

Gary Court 1620A: Pablo J. Hernandez and Yunelly E. Frias to Pali Estate LLC, $105,000.

Michelle Court 729: Donation by Tony T Dang and Thu Dang to Diana MMD Hernandez and Jonathan Dang.

Regency Place 2448: Troy L. Bowden and Roxanne B. Bowden to Jacob L. Sloan and Madison R. Sloan, $249,000.

Rose Park Subdivision, Plot 14, Block J: Restoration Nola LLC to Sam & Yaz LLC, $110,000.

S. Forest Lawn Drive 1909: Karim Taha to Tracy LR Lee, $250,000.

Town of McDonoghville, Lot 13, Part 11 & 12, Block 129: Copernicus LLC to Courtney Parker, $1,000.

Whisper Lane 3225: Cory LM King and Candice C. King to Benjamin Jones Sr. and Lana M. Jones, $190,000.

Windham North 1232: Nam Kew Liu and Tuan Kew Liu to Firas Al-Khaif and Al-Mutaki A. Al-Khaif, $376,500.


Birchfield Drive 3801: Katherine Scott and Charles E. Doss to Sajea Inc. , $102,500.

Dogwood Drive 1317: Horace A. Crabell Jr. to Cathy C. Lewis, donation.

Doleac St. 2121: Emily Johnson to Ryan M. Hamrick, $262,000.

Eastview Drive 2561: Beatrice M. Fortner to Freeman Homes LLC, $140,000.

Harvey Canal Division, Section 37, Block 32: Jessica L. Trent and Jessica Lee to Eric K. Jefferson, donation.

Kings Row apartment, unit 2026: Benjamin Suren Sr. To Benjamin Swain Jr., donation.

Lake Des Allemands Drive 3817: Vi TT Le to Devan D. Johnson and Tanyika L. Johnson, $515,000.

Liro Lane 3832: Kendall J. Edwards and Lauren Savage to Shawnta Gardener and Timothy Taylor Jr. and Shawnta Taylor, $155,400.

Newbury Court 1801: Marrone Investments LLC to Alexis R. Reyes, $190,000.

South Birchfield St. 2701: Gerald D. Thomas to Michael Moore and Shandral Magee, $220,000.

South New Orleans Subdivision, Section 4, Block 11: Anna Y.D. Ho to Zhou F. Jean, $450,000.

Southern New Orleans Subdivision, Lot 9, Block 82: Southern Landpro LLC to Moses Ryan and Asma Ryan, $20,000.


Eve Lane Drive 4931: Sheryl R Calzada to Christopher P. Friel II, $218,000.


Allo Ave. 817: Mary E. Boudreaux, Rickey T. Boudreaux, and Godfrey E. Boudreaux Jr. and Judy A. Boudreaux, Monica A. Boudreaux, Agnes AW Boudreaux, and Karen AW Boudreaux to Hallette Goodson and Royce A. Goodson, $125,000.

Allison Lane 2553: Mark A. Mayfield and Frances L. Mayfield to Faviola YG Pineda, $316,000.

Ames Townsite 4. Subdivision 37: Ivy Walker and James Walker Sr. to Tammy R. Dixon, Donation.

Ave. B 420: Catherine M. Martin to Shannon Martin and Christopher J. crochet, $85,000.

Bald Eagle Park 4520: Bon Builders LLC to Mark A. Mayfield and Francis L. Mayfield, $469,000.

Crestwood Extension Division, Lot 6, Block D: Kimberly J. Pastrana to Alexis B. Bartolo and Joe Broussard, $175,000.

Eden Roc Drive 5104: Michelle M. Eccles to Omar P. Sanchez, $191,000.

Foliage Drive 2716: Thi V. Ngo to Gia L. Lieu, $266,000.

Grand Terre Drive 4924: Devillier Construction Co. Inc. To Mossy P. Mueller and Ashley M. Trosclair, $325,000.

Hope Campaign 1633: Donation by Mary H. Hinchey to Kelly H. Gaudin and Michel H. DeLauter.

Marshall Drive 1157: John M Cotton III to Caleb M Edney, $158,900.

Nature Drive 3132: Allen C. Mccilwain to Maghan L. Wilson and Bradley R. Wilson, $150,000.

St. Ann St. 1256: Christopher T Bridges and Tracy KR Bridges to Chontel Vt Bosch, $176,500.


766 Glenkov Lane: David B. Mays to Louie A Galacio Jr., $100,000. and Michael K. Dunson Sr. $250,000.

Heritage Avenue. 516: Joseph M. Donate to Joseph M.

Hermes Place 721: Christa Stumpf to Somayli Delacruz and Samuel Placencio, $216,000.


E. Kerry Lynn 9516: Coast Builders LLC to Anna L. Nguyen, $369,900.

Forest Acres Real Estate Section 28: David J. Hebert Sr. and Pamela P. Hebert to David C. Teagle and Ann J. Arretteig, $343,500.

Live Oak Plantation Estates Addition 2, lot 53, square 2: Coast Builders LLC to Melva L. Stevenson, $461,400.

Robert Rhode 52: Donation from James Sampson Jr. to Jeanine W. Sampson and Jeanine S. Williams.


Ave. D 714: Adam R. Dequeant to Carl J. Leblanc and Dawn D. Leblanc, $135,000.

Catalpa Loop 9586: Robert H. Oates Jr. to Daryl Harvey, $370,000.

41st Cynthia Street: Ella MW Castelo to Brian Delhommer and Emma A. Delhommer, $175,000.

E. Claiborne Parkway 9429: Daniel V. Custard, Shawanda Custard, and Alicia Custard to Noire Designs & Renovations LLC, $25,000.

River Road 6141: Maurice Zeringue and Marie H. Zeringue to Phillips Family LLC, $155,000.

VicSt. 651: Maggie T. Clement to Haylie M. Ruiz, $230,000.

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