Trainer Reveals One Thing We Can Do For A Better-Behaved Dog, And It’s Ridiculously Simple


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How do you react when your dog doesn’t understand something you’ve already taught him? Are you a little angry, let it go, or are you continuing to work on it? We all have bad days with our dogs, days when the commands seem to go in one ear and out the other – but how you react is what matters most.

It’s easy on a day when your patience runs thin with a misbehaving dog to toss them one of the longest-lasting dog chews to keep them busy and out of sight for a while. However, this won’t do you or your pup much good in the long run.

In a short video shared on Instagram, the canine experts at Kane9 Dog Training share the best thing you can do when your dog is playing or not learning a skill you’ve taught him before. It’s certainly not rocket science, but as the Kane9 team says, it’s a very common mistake made by dog ​​owners.

Rather than get frustrated with your dog, take a second for yourself, compose yourself, and try again. Watch how Kait, one of Kane9’s trainers, uses this approach…

According to Kane9’s trainers, they always hear dog owners say “they know it” when their dog is playing. “But actually they might have some practice with commands and such, but have those commands generalized to other areas with higher distractions?” they ask, “And did you hold your dog accountable of what he knows?”. They say consistency with things is just as important.


So the next time you’re having a bad day and your dog isn’t cooperating well with you, do your best to stay calm and not lash out or whine at your dog. Take a moment, avoid stepping into a frustrated headspace, and focus on clarity. Try asking your dog to do what you want him to do in a different way, or take a break and resume teaching when you feel in a better mood.

Fellow dog owners in the comments section of this Kane9 article shouted out how much this advice really pleased them. One person said, “That’s great advice and I needed to hear it today. Thanks for the reminder.” Another said: “All these ‘error’ videos make me feel attacked, but the solutions bring me ease and make me feel understood.”

Don’t feel guilty if you can think of a few good times when you’ve taken out your frustration on your dog in a way you wish you hadn’t, you’re human and won’t always control your emotions the way you want. Sometimes stepping back, taking a deep breath, and remembering why you love your furry friend is all you need to see great training results from your pooch.

If you think your training issues run deeper than a bad day and you need some extra support, you should seek one-on-one professional help. You can also discover other options in our how to take care of a badly behaved dog guide.

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