Trainer Joe DeFranco Recounts ‘Breaking His Pants’ When He Meets Triple H’s Dog Bluto


Triple H is known for training intensely and wanting to be in top shape. Whether he’s on stage or behind the scenes.

He hired personal trainer Joe DeFranco over 10 years ago to help him with his training. And he’s still moving in the ring.

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Speaking on The Dan Go Podcast, DeFranco recalled his first meeting with Triple H and later his first meeting with Bluto.

“My boyfriend at that time which is now my wife says ‘I just received a voicemail from a guy claiming to be in WWE asking if you could call him back. His name was Paul Levesque.’ I got a lot of phone calls. He’s not someone I’ve heard of. He may not be in WWE, he’s probably just trying to get me to call him back. Fortunately, I’m coaching a group of college football players. And wrestling was so hot. One college guy said, ‘Wow, hey Paul Levesque, that’s Triple H from WWE.’ Quick Googled, Triple H.” he remembered

He continued: “He just had shoulder surgery. He trains a lot of bodybuilding style. Jackpot looks amazing, but he’s just 40 and his bodybuilding style training. He felt that he was chasing him because he tore both of his arms. Then he tore his shoulder. He said, ‘I need to start training like an athlete if I want to prolong my career.’ My name appeared, he stabbed it, called the theater. Gym, I never train a WWE man.”


When he spoke to Triple H, “The Game” offered them a trial run, as Triple H assumed DeFranco was busy with multiple clients.

DeFranco agrees and takes him to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s house for his first training session.

“I’ve never been nervous. I’ve been training clients for 17 years at this point, but I rarely visit home. And you arrive at this beautiful big house. There is a fence around the edge. They have to call you in. I’m a little nervous for the session. There are 5-6 stairs and then there’s a private entrance to the home gym. I walk downstairs, I ring the bell, I’m waiting, and it’s like a real movie.. On a sunny day, a cloud suddenly covered me. In my brain it looks like a dinosaur. The huge shadow of this beast hovered over me. I slowly turned to look. They were, I’m not exaggerating. I saw them weighing this dog. A 232 pound mastiff was staring at me. He was bigger because he was at the top of the stairs. I’m at the bottom, he’s just [growling sounds]Drooling and spitting a little. I saw my teeth. I love dogs, but I broke my pants. I don’t want to be insulted. I’m knocking on the door and ringing the bell. I am a new trainer They didn’t tell me they had grown men. The dog was 30 pounds heavier than me and it was growling non-stop. One step down the stairs I try not to show that I’m nervous because I know dogs eat that energy. Usually dogs are very friendly to me. I thought I was going to be eaten before this first session. thank goodness god Someone is looking at me He went down to the second or third step. And they opened the door for me. ‘Oh, you found Bulto.’ ‘I don’t think Bulto likes me too much.’ ‘I’m sorry, he’s very friendly. but he is very protective with new people in our accommodation We should make sure he doesn’t roam the area.’ Bluto and I eventually became good friends. But that was an encounter with a dinosaur and it was the longest ten seconds of my life.” Recall DeFranco

Sadly, Bluto passed away.

Triple H is WWE’s Chief Creative Officer. He retired from the ring due to health issues.

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