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Tour this brand new family home built in a modern farmhouse style |


Years of living in apartments shaped the look and feel of this modern ranch-style home in Bergen County, New Jersey. The new four-bed house, one of the houses The best homes in the worldIt couldn’t be more different from its one-story predecessors. While all of the apartments have dark wood and elegantly chic furnishings, this Bergen County family home is bright, bright, and comfortable. It is the perfect backdrop for family life and also for entertaining friends and family.

And that’s exactly what its owner, designer Melissa Gonzalez, had in mind. Melissa is the Director of the international architecture and design firm MG2 (Opens in a new tab)and founder of The Lionesque Group (Opens in a new tab). For over a decade she has been designing pop-up and store experiences for her clients. Her office is in Manhattan, easily accessible from her family’s new home in Bergen County.