Tour the first renovated guesthouse building at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, giving a taste of what’s to come in a major revamp

The Big Pine Key building has reopened at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort after a complete renovation. This building is home to the new Disney Vacation Club Resort Studio Rooms, which are the first rooms in the new style. The rest of the rooms will receive the same remodel later in the resort’s ongoing revamp.


We observed for weeks the renovation of the exterior of the building.

The stairwells were demolished and rebuilt.

The land around the building is currently devoid of plants and grass, but we expect the landscaping to be completed soon.

There is a small porte-cochere at the entrance to the main building.


The entrance has light blue walls and pink chairs.

Panels on the walls are painted with pink flowers and birds.

These chairs sit next to a small table topped with a potted plant.

Yellow flowers pop out of a blue and white pot.

The new furnishings and styling match what we’ve seen in other renovations so far, such as Cítricos and the Enchanted Rose Lounge (formerly Mizner’s).

The lights on the wall are silver with metal flower stems sticking out of them.

A different style of pink chair sits on the other side of the entrance.

The floors are light brown wood.

A long table sits under a mirror.

The table is surmounted by figures of birds, a bowl and a vase.

The ceiling light appears to be lined with giant transparent flower petals.


The entrance leads to the larger hall, with hallways leading out.

The elevators are to the left of the entrance.

The elevator bank walls are blue-green. Elevators have golden doors.

Inside, the elevators have white walls and gold handrails.

The floor is gray and white tiles.

The ceilings have translucent chandeliers made of flower-shaped pieces.

The elevator walls are decorated with patterned panels.

There is a mirror along the back wall.

There are blue signs at the bottom of the elevator walls.

Between the elevators are light fixtures with golden rods and translucent white leaves.

The lampshade is white.

Other wall sconces have square shades and stems with wider petals/leaves.

The hall is lined with white columns.

It has a blue carpet covered in flowers.

Tiles resembling white flowers surround the edge of the rug.

Green armchairs are gathered around a white marble table.

White cushions with flowers sit on the chairs.

The table has gold accents.

A black table is against a wall, with four transparent legs.

Two white vases and two sculptures are placed on it.

On the wall above the table are several “Mary Poppins” paintings. The building and its studios join Cítricos in bringing the practically perfect nanny to the Grand Floridian.

A small white table in the center of the lobby is decorated with jars, sculptures, and glass bowls perched on golden rods.

There is a long dark green curved sofa in one corner.

There are two chairs next to the sofa.

A lamp carved with white roses is placed on a table in the shape of a flower.

The chairs have a flower pattern on the outside and light green velvet where guests sit.

A floor lamp sits next to the other chair.

The sofa is decorated with mismatched cushions in various patterns and textures.

There are two more pink chairs with pink velvet cushions next to a small white marble table.

Hanging above the lobby is a white chandelier.

It has glass panels around the outside and electric candles inside.


Light blue walls lead to hallways.

A gold and glass chandelier hangs from the ceiling.

The hallway walls are adorned with pink flowers.

The rug looks like a floral oil painting.

All the doors of the studios in the complex are white.

DVC studio

Inside a renovated resort studio, there is a marble table next to the entrance, under a circular mirror. We walked around a sample room earlier this year and the finished product is the same.

Behind the mirror, the wall is painted with green leaves, white flowers and birds.

The mirror has a gold frame.

A blue velvet bench sits under the table.

The edge of the bench has floral embroidery and the legs are gold.

The bathroom has a double vanity sink, under-counter towel storage and a shower/tub combination.

On the wall is a whimsical painting of a carnival and a hook. The towels are folded to look like a shell or maybe a flower on the towel rack.

The bathroom has a backlit mirror edged with vine-like spirals.

To the left of the sinks is a swivel makeup mirror.

The sink has golden faucets.

Disney’s H20+ beauty line is provided.

Undercounter storage is stocked with washcloths and towels.

Grey-blue tiles line the shower walls.

The shower continues the theme with a gold showerhead and handheld sprayer. Toiletries are wall mounted.

The bedroom has two queen beds and a nightstand between them.

There is a Mickey-shaped towel at the end of the beds.

The plush headboard is edged in wood and includes a reading lamp on each side.

Between the balcony and the bed is another charging station and a crystal-shaped lamp.

There is a small platform for phones and other items.

The window allows a look at the flora and fauna of Florida.

The gold and white curtain rod holds a thick beige curtain.

Disney resorts have ditched carpeting in the bedrooms, but there is rug under the beds.

The blue sofa turns into a twin bed.

This room is advertised as a model room.

Here are the instructions for opening and closing the sofa bed.

The side table is also accented with gold.

Above the sofa bed is a watercolor painting of Mary Poppins gliding over Cherry Tree Lane.

Above the room is a wood paneled ceiling and a golden chandelier.

The bedside table includes a telephone, a lamp and a Bible.

More gold accents are on the bedside table.

The lamps have designs of umbrellas, butterflies and flowers.

The flower design continues in the wardrobe which has pink panels and rose prints.

The interior includes two bathrobes, an extra blanket and pillow, slippers and hangers.

The interior door also has a mirror.

Opening the other wardrobe door, we discovered a hair dryer, ironing board, portable steamer and a safe for valuables.

The TV is framed in white wood.

The television is opposite the beds and above a chest of drawers. The welcome channel plays at the entrance to the chamber.

The dresser has more information about the resort, parks and in-room dining. The remote control is packed in a plastic sleeve.

A small built-in nook reveals a quinto coffee station complete with four cups, four glasses, an ice bucket, and a mini Keurig.

Below the coffee station is a mini fridge.

The mini fridge has two shelves.

The wallpaper behind the coffee station features more birds, umbrellas, and flowers.

The centerpiece of this wall shows Mary Poppins and the Banks family.

Even the vent is covered with a protective white metal grill with umbrella designs (and a hidden Mickey!)

The renovated rooms on Big Pine Key at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort are adorned with references to “Mary Poppins” and designed to suit a family looking for comfort and class.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is undergoing renovations to move away from the old Victorian style and towards a new modern take (including the increased presence of IP). CEO Bob Chapek reportedly expressed dissatisfaction with the property, saying it was not up to standard. Other aspects of the station are on the slate for renovation, including Narcoosee (which closed June 18 for the start of work) and the iconic main concourse.

Watch our full video tour of the renovated Big Pine Key building and DVC studio below.

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