Tour a breathtaking coastal retreat filled with lavish accents

Part-carved into a Malibu hill overlooking Point Dume, along the rolling banks of a meandering creek, lies a sleek and airy oasis for design aficionados.

Described as “organically modern” by the architects, Silvia Kuhle and Jeffrey Allsbrook of Los Angeles-based Standard Architecture, the 6,500-square-foot home is a striking confluence of concrete, trowel stucco, oak and afromosia—an exotic alternative to teak. “The homeowners were very interested in making sure the materials came together in a beautiful way,” Allsbrook says. “You can see how each element has its own integrity, whether it’s a concrete wall, the oak ceiling, or a black-painted plaster fireplace — they’re all different.”

A view of the living room.

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Designed for a young couple with a view to starting a family, the land project took just over six years to complete, mainly due to the strict construction restrictions of California’s coastal region. “We met them around the holidays in 2014 and they were always very clear about their goals,” adds Kuhle. “It was funny working with them for a number of years because although there were always three children’s rooms built into the project, there were never any children around!”

a white bed surrounded by a wallpaper that resembles a large mural and hanging lamps on either side

Inside the master bedroom, which features an elegant botanical wallpaper by Lizzo.

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With the project nearing completion and their three young children finally in the picture, the couple turned to interior designer Martha Mulholland to warm up the cool, modern structure with furnishings that reflected the family’s aesthetics and needs. “They wanted to bring some warmth to the interior and soften the edges, but keep it chic,” explains Mulholland. “It was a little bit at odds with the house architecturally, but I found it an incredibly interesting challenge to work the two styles together.”

Light and expansive—with its array of private courtyards, light wells, 12- and 14-foot-high living areas, and entire walls of disappearing floor-to-ceiling sliding doors—the home is now well-equipped to make the most of its idyllic setting. See it for yourself below.

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