Top 13 Winter Houseplants 2021 – The Best Houseplants To Buy In Winter


winter is a rough time to buy anything. You have to find out what kind of winter clothes you have to keep warm. Oh, and holiday shopping is also at the top of your to-do list this season. And if you also want to do any kind of plant shopping around this time, you can’t just grab whatever flora you find pretty and call it a day.. Believe it or not, no everybody houseplants can survive in less daylight and cooler temperatures. Thorough investigation is needed. But, you shouldn’t have to stress about that! So let me take a load off your shoulders by showing you some of the best winter houseplants that legitimately thrive on barely any sunlight…and look fabulous while doing it, too.

This beautiful lineup I have here is full of green warriors. I mean, anything that thrives in extreme temperatures is a champion. Each of them works very well in low-light settings, and some really enjoy the shadier corners. There are even some whoIt will also help purify the air! Scroll down to find your winter plant child… (or children if you end up in love with more than one!). And if you really want to expand your family, take a look at the best indoor hanging plants, kitchen plants, and bedroom plants we found.

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this amazon favorite

Aglaonema chinese evergreen

Get yourself a green queen who can do both! She loves sunlight, but she’s also totally okay with dimly lit rooms. Grab this sparkly star that will make a stunning piece of decoration in your space. (Plus, it’s available for Prime shipping!)


this daring bb

peperomia hope

Give this beautiful gem a spot with indirect sunlight and all will be well. One reviewer even said, “It’s still growing even in winter.” Sounds promising to me!


this quiet option

Great Serpent Laurentii

This pretty bb is a very calm plant boy! It will be happy anywhere you place it and can tolerate low light environments. but if you Really you want it to bloom, you will put it in a place that receives frequent rays of sun.


this is cool with artificial light

Sansevieria Moonshine

If you live in an area where you barely get any natural sunlight when it gets cold, I recommend grabbing this little sweetheart that will work well in artificial light! And an advantage: it does not require much water in the colder months.


these lovely loves

low light package

The name of this two-in-one offer says it all! Grab this dracaena and sansevieria duo that not only thrives in low light, but also doesn’t need to be watched as often. (All you have to do is water them twice a month!)


this resistant option

Sansevieria Fernwood

Say hello to Miss Indestructible. She can survive most weather conditions, needs little watering, and is apparently “tough as nails.” Oh! And she’s amazing at purification air.


this shining star


Yes, this brilliant stunner doesn’t require a lot of light much to everyone’s surprise. Although it will need to be misted regularly if you are in a place that does not get a lot of humidity during the winter.


this one you can do with a minimum of water

philodendron brazil

Do you want something that enjoys dryness? Catch this super leafy option that literally prefers to be dry between each water session.


is low maintenance

monster magic

As long as you’re somewhere with temperatures above 55°F, you’re relaxing!


this one who loves the shadow

golden pothos

For some places, winter means a lot of darkness. And if you can relate, you’ll love this vibrant plant that vibrates extremely well in shady spots. But obviously treat it to a little sun whenever you have a moment!


this beautiful flower

the murano

Yes, it is quite possible to grow flowers in winter! This white beauty is cool in low indirect light and easy to care for (she only needs a couple of ice cubes once a week!). We love strong, independent greenery!


this one that just needs a little sun

Calathea Makoyana, Metal Pot

Place this patterned cutie in a shady part of your house (perhaps by a window in your living room or bedroom) and she’ll be happy as can be.


this great beauty

Aspidistra Elatior Plant in Black Pot

Looking for a larger plant to join your home? Buy this treasure that blooms indoors and can get used to any weather conditions it is put through.

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