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Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Bandra


Chinese food is a favorite in Bandra, a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. There are many restaurants in the area, ranging from upscale eateries to fast food joints. The city has become more famous in recent years for its chain of Chinese eateries. This city is the ideal place to eat because it offers everything a Chinese restaurant should have, including an extensive menu, a relaxed atmosphere and a quick commute!

Hakkasan provides visitors with a premium dining experience. The menu offers a modern take on traditional Cantonese food with the finest ingredients and expert techniques, creating timeless yet innovative signature dishes. The cocktail mixologists here use innovative methods and exciting elements to create a unique drinks collection. The music complements the design and the kitchen by being stylish and elegant. The curated eclectic playlists are essential to create a sound journey that enhances the mood and listening pleasure of our guests.

USP Dishes: Pak Choi Dumplings, Pepper Squid

Timings: 11.00 – 23.45

Address: 206 Krystal, Waterfield Road, Bandra, Mumbai, 400050

How to get there: Behind Waterfield Road.

Price for two: Rs. 3300

2. Ming Yang

Attracting epicureans who truly appreciate good food, Ming Yang serves authentic Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine in a tranquil atmosphere that follows the principles of Feng Shui. The place is also known for its beautiful sea view and sophisticated and excellent atmosphere. Plus, they have great staff and are worth the price, testy Chinese, which makes your dining experience more worthwhile.

USP Dishes: Fortune Cookie, Crispy Spinach

Times: 12.30 – 11.45 p.m

Address: Byramji Jeejeebhoy Road, Bandstand Promenade, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400050

How to get there: Near the game stand.

Price for two: Rs. 5000

3. The fat Bao

Fatty Bao is a restaurant that serves excellent authentic Japanese cuisine. The restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere, sober but beautiful decor and good music. A separate bar counter is located at one end of the dining area. It is a must visit place as the atmosphere here is simple yet pleasant, with excellent Asian food and excellent service. They have high tables and limited seating.

USP Dishes: Teriyaki Glazed Chicken Bao, Fatty Hill

Times: 12.00-15.30

Address: Ground Floor, Summerville, Linking Road, Near KFC, 14th & 33rd Cross Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400050

How to get there: Near Linking Road.

Price for two: Rs. 1600

4. Buy Kitchen

A recently opened new branch of Kuai Kitchen in Bandra is known for its authentic Chinese, Japanese and Thai food. The atmosphere here is excellent, making your dining experience relaxing. They have an inside and an outside section with walls filled with unique, eye-catching graffiti. The service here is good with staff who are calm, friendly and helpful.

USP dishes: turnip cake, mud cake

Timings: 12.00 – 23.30

Address: Shop No. 3/4, Khar Pali Rd, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400052

How to reach: Near Mangal Bhavna.

Price for two: Rs. 1600

5. Chow Chow

Khow Chow is a pan-Asian restaurant with an eye-catching presentation of the food served and a chic ambiance that makes for a delightful meal here. The appearance of the restaurant is like a kiosk with a thin atmosphere, separate seating and dim lighting, making the atmosphere comfortable. The Chinese wall graffiti and lanterns add an extra casual touch, bringing a modern, lively feel to the atmosphere. Modern Chinese and authentic Thai dishes are a specialty of the place.

USP dishes: Coconut cream soup, Banana cinnamon smoothie

Times: 11:30 – 23:45

Address: Shop # 2 New Kamal CHS, 248, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400050

How to get there: Located on Waterfield Road.

Price for two: Rs. 1200

6. Mamagoto


Mamagoto is a fusion pan-Asian cafe. It has a casual and relaxed atmosphere, where affordable Asian dishes and drinks are combined with quirky decor. The good atmosphere and delicious food served here make it a place worth visiting with your family and friends. The food served here is a mix of inspiration from Asian street vendors. The place has excellent staff and is pocket friendly with delicious food.

USP Dishes: Palm Sugar Rice, Spicy Ramen Bowl

Times: 12.30 – 11.30 p.m

Address: 133, Ground Gazebo House, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400050

How to get there: Located near Hill Rd.

Price for two: Rs. 1700

7. China Gate

Since 1993, China gate group has been one of the country’s most dynamic and innovative chains of restaurants, showcasing a versatile portfolio of dining concepts. The group is known for its vision to be one of India’s most renowned establishments in the hospitality industry. Smoking area, air conditioning, valet parking available, home delivery, serves alcohol, parking, disabled friendly, and cards accepted are the facilities and features they offer.

USP dishes: Sesame toast, Spinach chicken

Times: 12:00 – 11:00

Address: 2nd Floor Tamang Niwas, 155, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400050

How to get there: Near Waterfield Road.

Price for two: Rs. 1200

8. House Of Mandarin

House Of Mandarin is an award winning Asian restaurant by Rachel Goenka with outposts in Bandra & Powai in Mumbai and at the Sheraton Grand hotel in Pune. The menu here provides a culinary journey through the Orient with their pan-Asian delicacies with an extensive selection of Dim Sum and handmade sushi. It has a great atmosphere with lamps, decorated walls and seating inside and outside.

USP Dishes: Prawn Dim Sums, Crispy Lamb

Timings: 12.00-12.00

Address: Classic Corner, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400050

How to get there: Located on Building Hill Rd.

Price for two: Rs. 1800

9. Meraki

Meraki restaurant is located behind the football ground on Carter’s road in Bandra. It has incredible service with polite, courteous and humble staff. It is a pan-Asian restaurant serving Thai, Chinese and Burmese dishes, including seafood, with a bright interior. Some popular dishes are Crispy Thread Paneer, Chicken Khao Suey, Crispy Noodle, Coriander Chicken, Drums of Heaven and Chilly Garlic Noodles. It is an economical place with large portions and quality food.

USP Dishes: Crispy Thread Paneer, Chicken Khao Suey

Times: 12.00 – 11.45

Address: 12A, St Peters Rd, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400050

How to get there: Located near Jeff Caterers.

Price for two: Rs.1300.

10. Royal China

Royal China restaurant serves authentic Chinese food that suits new trends and tastes worldwide. They have combined the traditional and modern elements of Cantonese cuisine. Furthermore, they ensure that all the ingredients they use are fresh and authentic. The atmosphere here is excellent, with low-light lamps, wall decorations and a bar in the corner of the side.

USP dishes: Prawn Cheung Fun and turnip cake

Timings: Afternoon – 12:00 to 15:30 and Evening – 18:30 to 12:00

Address: House, 2nd Floor, Damian, 14, Hill Rd, Near Mehboob Studio, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400050

How to reach: Near Mehboob Studio, Ranwar, Bandra West

Price for two: Rs.2500


Bandra offers great experiences with places to visit and delicious food. This blog covered the top 10 Chinese restaurants in Bandra which will help tourists to choose their eatery to experience the best cuisines in the city without much hustle and bustle. The restaurants mentioned above are based on the quality and taste of the food, customer service and the lovely atmosphere.