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When playing Ark: Survival Evolved, it’s time for panic, joy and sadness. From building your first base, to realizing that you built it next to a kinda grumpy Rex, and you’re about to go homeless again, there’s plenty to see and do. However, the game can be somewhat boring and your joy in progressing can be stifled if you have done everything before. This is where the helpful mod community comes in to help. Ark has plenty of mods for the player to enjoy, many of which can be confusing for anyone starting out. In this guide, we are going to list the ten best mods for players in Ark: Survival Evolved.

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S+ has been and continues to be a staple in the Ark community, be it through the PvP or the PvE aspect. So much so that Ark Devs took inspiration from the mod to slightly improve their vanilla build systems. Despite this, Structures Plus or S+ as it is known in the community has not lost any of its popularity.

This building mod gives players access to a variety of different convenient building and construction tools in the game. Players will be able to build more easily, as well as have access to items that make basic gameplay much easier. The downside of Structures Plus mod is that it is greatly overpowered in the PvP settings. Players hosting a PvP server will want to make sure that certain items and structures are disabled or banned from the server to prevent endless frustrations.

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Awesome Spyglass adds a new telescope to the game. Awesome Spyglass provides an overlay for your display, and will show what dinosaur or player you’re looking at, HP, and taming food needed as well as how much if appropriate. A creature’s outline will turn red if it is aggressive and target you, remain green if it is passive or non-violent towards you, and yellow if it is fleeing. Enemy players will always be red unless the server settings are changed, which if you’re playing on a PvP server will likely be the case mostly because it will give an unfair advantage during battles.

primal fear

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Primal Fear is what happens when Ark players get bored with the usual amount of pain and suffering that occurs in the game, and they level up. With new creatures, boss battles that challenge your computer’s RAM, and a whole new set of items, gear, and horror, Primal Fear is for any player looking for a challenge. Players will need to conquer increasingly difficult levels of little bosses, tame imaginative new creatures, and figure out how to survive while learning an entirely new food system. It’s definitely not an easy time, but it’s worth a lot of deaths.

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While some servers have Flying Speed ​​modifiers enabled, there are instances when you’ll want to feel powerful when flying on your Wyvern. Classic Flyers delivers all the speed and boosts stamina in one easy mod that doesn’t require players to derive speed spikes into their creatures.

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A basic mechanic of survival games is inventory loss upon death. It is to lightly punish death without spoiling the whole game. There is a lot of inventory to save modifications available. Death Recovery Mode places a shrine that restores your inventory when activated. It won’t work if something takes your items. Sure you could use something like the Death Inventory Keeper that automatically keeps your inventory, but why not shame yourself by panicking running to the tombstone instead? Additionally, for PvP purposes, the inventory stays in place until it is collected or disposed of, giving enemies a chance to take your items, no matter how short that time may be.

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Dino Storage V2 is similar to Vanilla Ark’s cryopod, but improved. Like cryopods, a tame can be stored securely within a small compartment, similar to Pokeballs. Soul traps, as they are called in Dino Storage V2, allow players to keep their Dino stored in place and they will passively generate their resources as well as eggs if they wish. The storage container can also automatically trap any babies born within a certain range, and you can use a tool similar to a paintball gun to arrest your dino with ease. Dino Storage will also allow you to throw multiple dinosaurs at once without restrictions, but this can be changed for PvP servers.

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Eco’s RP Decor is one of many Eco’s. The template maker has many excellent decor mods including Eco’s Terrariums, Eco’s Aberration Decor, and Eco’s Extinction Foliage. They also have the Empire Series that adds different decor, saddles, and tools based on historical cultures. To date, this series contains the Vikings, the Tokugawa, the Babylonians, the Incas, the Romans and the Khmer. The Eco Decor Series is a great addition to themed PvP servers, as well as to any and all PvE servers looking to stand out from the crowd.

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There’s nothing more frustrating in Ark: Survival Evolved than having to search endlessly for a dinosaur you know is somewhere in the general area but aren’t sure where it is. The Creature Finder Deluxe is one of those mods that fortunately allows players to bypass the general frustration of the search process and instead have a GPS-like guidance system to find what they’re looking for. Capable of incorporating creatures from mods, Creature Finder Deluxe is the ultimate lazy man tool for those who hate knowing the coordinates in the game.

Those looking to use it in their solo games will have to make sure they edit their .ini files correctly or it won’t work.

Carrying weight has always been and always will be an issue for the average Ark player. Without exceptional server settings, the fact that carrying a pile of stones will always be impossible can be very annoying. It gets even more annoying when you’re trying to craft and farm resources, and your dinosaurs are slowed down with even a tiny amount of the resource, resulting in multiple trips. The HG stack mod allows players to stack more resources, as well as reduce the weight of some resources to make farming much easier. There are different versions that increase the quantity per stack, but the base starts at 1000 with a 90% weight reduction.

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This mod adds a large number of new creatures to the Ark. While the mod is still in development, and new creatures are coming, like Lindwurm and Gorgononpsid, there are many more creatures already included, such as:

  • Deinosuchus
  • Xiphactinus
  • Brachiosaurus
  • Acrocanthosaurus
  • concave
  • Cryolophosaurus
  • Helicoprion
  • Dinorium

So for those players who are looking to have unique and amazing creatures, this mode is for you. Just be aware that there are updates that must be downloaded sometimes.

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