Tips for decorating a festive summer table

When you think of July, do you think of Christmas or do you think of summer fun and days at the beach? What if you could combine the two? If you want to enjoy a bit of Christmas magic while enjoying the warmth of summer days, we have some tips for bringing Christmas in July to your table.

While there are plenty of ways to get in the holiday mood, watching your favorite holiday movies (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation anyone?) to make your favorite treats, there are times when you want to keep things simple. Plus, when you decorate a table, the magic seems to last longer.

But what if you want the magic of the holidays mixed with the fact that it’s actually summer? There are plenty of ways to add a touch of summer and a hint of vacation in one design. And that’s the goal of Christmas in July, which combines summer and holidays!

Tips for decorating a festive Christmas summer table in July

  • A tablecloth can take any table to the next level. And if you want to combine summer with Christmas, why not use a red checkered tablecloth or a green checkered tablecloth? As The Bash points out, the red and white are a clear nod to the holidays, while the plaid print screams summer picnics.
  • Create a centerpiece with candles. Candles can be summery or perfect for the holidays. And if you want to keep it sleek, taper candles and silver or gold pillars are the way to go.
  • Blue and silver can be stylish for the holidays or perfect for a more seaside scene. Why not add a garland to the center of your table? Ribbon is another good choice for centerpieces.
  • Want to keep the summer theme going? Why not use shells and sand for your centerpieces? Think sand in your clear glass candle holder to add a beachy feel or pretty seashells between your pillar candles.
  • Instead of a candle centerpiece, why not opt ​​for a fruit bowl with cinnamon sticks and pinecones, as well as summer fruits. It can be a fun way to combine two seasons into one, while being more informal.
  • Remember that there are actually decorations that associate Santa Claus with summer. An example of this is the luau Santa, including Oriental Trading’s super cute paper centerpiece that’s under $10, easy to set up, and gives us a surfing Santa. It’s basically the epitome of Christmas in July!
  • Another fun decoration that can give you a summer and Christmas vibe is a blue glass bowl with water and then floating/submersible LED candles. (This is another item we can find at Oriental Trading, and if you wanted even simpler and more affordable decor, just search for Christmas in July on their site.)
  • Take out the vacation spots. If you usually use special plates and silverware for Christmas, I suggest you take them out and set your table with them. Even if you don’t go crazy with a centerpiece, just setting your table with your usual Christmas settings can be enough to get us in the holiday mood.

Honestly, setting a festive table can happen any time of the year. And in honor of Christmas in July, we’re working hard to set the stage and enjoy some of the magic we enjoy during the holidays.

What do you think of the other Guilty Eaters? Are you decorating your table for Christmas in July? What do you do to keep a festive table in the middle of summer? Do you have any decorative tips for Christmas in July? Let us know in the comments below.

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