Timnath hopes to secure Topgolf’s spot on I-25, the gateway to Harmony Road

Timnath seems ready to welcome Topgolf’s facility into a gravel pit on the western edge of town.

Although no formal plans were introduced, the city has offered a lucrative incentive package including a 50% reduction in permit, building and impact fees, reclaiming the sales tax share of a third of the existing 3% sales tax for 20 years and expedited accrual processing across the city, According to a letter sent from Timnath Mayor Mark Sukop to Topgolf real estate manager Jonathan Trinsky.

The letter, dated December 17, 2021, first reported by Beswest, states Succub’s “sincere wish” for Topgolf to join the community. Soukup was not available for comment.

Timnath has targeted Ladera, a 240-acre residential, commercial and mixed-use development being developed by Connell Resources as a potential site. Connell used the site as a gravel pit for the surrounding construction. The site has a high visibility and is just east of Interstate 25 and south of Harmony Road. The area is also slated to be home to a new flooring and decor retailer.

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