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The temperatures are increasing truly Low is where I live, which, admittedly, means I leave my apartment less and less. But it also meant that I was very proactive about making my home feel warm and cozy. I’m no stranger to lighting quite a few holiday candles, and yes, I will Of course Holiday decorating sooner rather than later. It also means I have an eye for cozy home decor, which is exactly how I found the Threshold Cozy Chenille Bed Blanket ($69) on Target’s website. With a rating of 4.9 stars and Unbelievably Soft look, I had to test it to see if it lived up to the hype. Check out my honest thoughts on the future throw.

What I love about this blanket

I ordered the full/queen size throw because there’s a strong chance it could be used as a bed layer in the height of winter; But if not, I love a huge blanket. I was initially drawn to this throw because it looks and sounds So Very similar to what I have and it’s more than twice the price. . . and smaller. And to be honest, it feels just as soft, likely because they’re both made of polyester. This one in particular is made of recycled Polyester, which gives it bonus points in my book. I love this blanket so much that I would carry it to my couch during the day and to my bed at night. Not to be dramatic, but it’s the gold standard for blankets, and I do the love For someone to try to prove me wrong. The medium weight fabric isn’t so heavy as to make me sweat, and it’s stretchy yet doesn’t lose its structure.

What is noteworthy about this blanket

Notably, it is very similar to the aforementioned deluxe design. Without naming names, I’ll direct you to Target’s reviews section, which is filled with shoppers talking about how similar the two are. At the time of this writing, there are literally no negative reviews. Instead, it’s inundated with nerdy people like me. “This is perfect for cold winter and fall nights,” wrote one shopper. Another says: “This blanket is so soft and fluffy; it’s like heaven.” I took a little video of the texture that will hopefully give you an idea of ​​how comfortable it is.

Who is this blanket better for?

This blanket is best for anyone looking for a cozy home that is not astronomically priced but has as great quality as the pricier versions. IMO, anyone who loves the comfort of home will love this blanket, which is why it also makes a genius gift for the holiday season.

Additional details

  • This blanket comes in Twin / Twin XL, Full / Queen, and King sizes.
  • It comes in three colors: rust, gray, and white.
  • To wash it, the brand recommends machine-washing and tumble-drying.


Image source: POPSUGAR / Marisa Petrarca

Threshold Cozy Chenille Bed Blanket

Threshold Cozy Chenille Bed Blanket

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