This is the big front door mistake that’s killing your curb appeal—says HGTV’s John Gidding |

When it comes to curb appeal, you could do a lot worse than following the advice of John Gidding. The host of HGTV’s (the apt name) Curb Apple is known for its ability to make a home look more attractive – from your front door – to your railing and mailbox. So if you’re wondering “what adds the most curb appeal,” we recommend starting with John’s advice.

Throughout his career, John has inevitably come across a plethora of front-door ideas – including ones you should avoid. Therefore, in its exclusive with H&G, we had to ask – what’s the biggest front door mistake you can make? His answer will elevate your home’s curb appeal instantly.

The biggest front door mistake you can make – according to John Gidding

(Image credit: Masonite)

‘The biggest mistake people make is not making their front door stand out because it’s a missed opportunity,’ begins John. ‘[Your front door] does more than just make a facade exciting or invite people to the entrance. What it does is activate how excited you are about your house. By making the front door very visible and very attractive from the street, you have almost created the best possible scenario for a good first impression.’

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