These Dogs Could Cause Your Homeowners Insurance To Go Way Up


Dogs are often referred to as “man’s best friend,” and usually with good reason. However, some breeds can be a bit much to handle. These dogs may cause your homeowners’ insurance to skyrocket, so be on the lookout when you’re looking to add a family pet.


Chihuahuas are misleading, since you may think they’re manageable due to their small size. However, they are quite tough to train as they tend to be very stubborn. They can also become a little aggressive towards children due to jealousy.

Alaskan Malamute


Alaskan Malamutes are innate leaders, which means that they are quite difficult to train. They have a tendency to attack smaller animals and even children sometimes in order to assert their dominance. Socializing them often with both humans and other dogs can help reduce aggression.


Rottweilers are known for being very strong, as they were once bred for herding livestock and pulling wagons. They are fiercely loyal dogs, which means that they can exhibit aggression towards strangers. Strict training can help control their dominant personalities.


The Bullmastiff is quite the large dog breed, which wouldn’t in itself be an issue but it can also be quite an aggressive dog. Since these large dogs don’t know that they’re big, they can accidentally knock over kids without even realizing it.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard dogs are gentle giants and are good natured, playful dogs. While they are easy to train and are well behaved around kids, the issue that can arise is hurting kids by accident just due to their playfulness.


Weimaraner dogs are known for being hunting dogs due to their extremely high levels of energy. This means that they can become aggressive towards smaller animals and even kids, even without any bad intentions.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepard dogs are energetic and courageous, which explains why so many are used as rescue and watchdogs. Due to their high levels of energy, they must be walked on a regular basis, otherwise they can become quite aggressive.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are quite energetic and demand a lot of attention. Keeping up with this breed’s needs can get quite taxing. Additionally, these dogs are very jealous, which leads towards aggression, especially with young kids.



Affenpinscher dogs tend to be quite mischievous due to their playful nature. However, they are also very inquisitive and can become very stubborn as well. They can become very rough when playing with young children and unexpected aggression can lead to trouble.

Chow Chow

Chow Chow dogs are fluffy and cuddly, but don’t let that fool you. They may not be the choice for families with young kids, as they tend to become clingy and jealous around their owners, which could lead to problematic behavior around children.

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds were originally meant for hunting and guarding, so they require quite a bit of discipline training. Without any, they have a tendency to become destructive and very disobedient. They can misunderstand young kids trying to play with them as aggression.

English Toy Spaniel

Despite their small stature, English Toy Spaniels feel the need to be in charge as they can feel very dominant. This leads to aggression while around other dogs, kids, and even adult humans.


Greyhound dogs are known for being race dogs due to their speed and agility. They also have endless energy, which means that they need plenty of exercise. However, they do not enjoy rough play or cuddling, so they may not be the best choice around small kids.

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are playful dogs but they still are not the best choice for families with little kids. They are a demanding breed and require a bit of training. Without it, they have a tendency to become aggressive. In order to keep them well behaved, they need a firm authoritative owner.

Japanese Chin

These little dogs are quite cute and make great companion dogs. However, they can become clingy and may demand a lot of attention from their owners. They can also become quite jealous if their owners are paying attention to other people or dogs.

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