These Common Home Decors Repel Men: Dating Expert

Home may be where the heart is, but your decor would be Mr. Right can deter, according to a relationship expert.

Dana Kuritzkes posted a video on TikTok showing her list of the most common human-repellent home decorations.

“Have you ever wondered what items in your place just give men the creeps? Well, today I’m going to tell you,” Kuritzkes said in the video.

Warning video contains graphic language

“Here are the most cringe-inducing items you have in your house, according to men,” she said.


Kuritzkes doesn’t need a crystal ball to tell her that some men are scared off by crystals. So those looking to get their rocks off may want to dump their geodes ahead of time.

Some men see stuffed toys as a potential red flag.

Cuddly toys

The next on Kuritzkes’ list of human repellers are stuffed animals.

While the hug that’s popular with kids may have “sentimental” value, they can keep you from finding more animated friends.

Dream catchers probably won't help you catch a dream man.
Dream catchers probably won’t help you catch a dream man.


Another no-no for men are dream catchers, according to Kuritzkes.

In addition to keeping nightmares away, the popular bedroom decoration can also scare off potential mates.

Snow globe

It can be a cold and lonely winter for those who have a lot of snow globes.

“Snow globes are fun nostalgic items to collect when you were a kid,” Kuritzkes said.

“But if you were still holding them as an adult, maybe it’s time for us to talk about your attachment issues,” she joked.

Curling irons left in the sink

Leaving a curling iron in your sink can make men flinch.

Kuritzkes is guilty of this human repellent act and shared a reference photo of her own bathroom.

‘Live, laugh, love’ signs

Living, laughing and loving can be a solo activity thanks to these popular bedroom signs.

Kuritzkes jokingly shared a photo of a plate she has in her own room that read: “Yesterday I really wanted tacos. Today I eat tacos. Follow your damn dreams.”

“I should probably delete that,” she told her TikTok followers.

Some men are very opinionated about women's decorative choices.
Some men are very opinionated about women’s decorative choices.

Framed pictures of yourself

Men have a few hang-ups about women framing pictures of themselves and hanging them on the wall.

“I’m all for self-love, but that’s a lot, even for me,” Kuritzkes said.

According to an expert, Disney is not very attractive to men.
According to an expert, Disney is not very attractive to men.

Disney memorabilia

It’s a small world after all, and it can seem even smaller if your Disney collection is the only thing keeping you company.

“I’m sorry I can’t support you here,” Kuritzkes said.

“I know I’m in the minority. People are behind Disney, but show me an episode of hoarders where there wasn’t a Mickey Mouse pillow in the corner somewhere.”

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