There’s a dog-friendly brunch in Battersea next week.


The puppies have their own dip bowls and deep water (Image: Poke House)

Dog parents in London You can bring your pup for free brunch next Sunday.

The Poke House in Battersea Power Station hosted a furry play day of a lifetime to celebrate the launch of the Poke Pup Club, a new dog walking club set up to help Londoners make new friends.

The pop-up brunch will take place on Sunday, June 4th at 11am.

Dogs will also receive a free pup deep water and dip bowl, designed by canine nutritionist Cam Wimble, which will include quinoa, cooked chicken, red cabbage, zucchini and nori.


dog eating in restaurant

Look at the little guy’s face (Image: Poke House)

Wimble said ‘Dogs thrive on a balanced diet. And what many people don’t know is that vegetables are very important to a dog’s general well-being.

‘We’ve created a protein-rich bowl with lots of delicious chicken. And it also includes quinoa. Because there are all 10 essential amino acids for dogs to keep the dog mobile and the dog’s coat shiny.

‘The prebiotic fiber in cabbage and the soluble fiber in zucchini work to keep your dog’s gut healthy and support their immune system.

‘All topped with nori seaweed, which is a good source of iodine, which helps support healthy hormonal function.’

Owners get free coffee before taking their dogs for a walk around the grounds.

There are also experts on hand to give advice and tips on how to train your dog.

Free weekly morning coffee and dog walking clubs are held every Sunday throughout the summer. Unfortunately for your puppy.

dog eating in restaurant

Take care of your pup while meeting new people (Image: Poke House)

You can get tickets for free popups now and sign up for the Poke Pup Club here.

Holly Hilton, Poke House UK Marketing Manager, said: ‘Since we opened in Battersea we’ve had a lot of guests come to dine with their dogs. And with so many people taking their dogs for a walk in the area. We thought why not form a club. So that people can meet other dog moms and dads?

‘The Poke Pup Club launch event was not only a chance for people to meet other local dog lovers, but also for our canine friends to experience their very own Unlimited Brunch and go with the “Poke Pup Club”. Newly discovered furry friend

‘We have always been a dog-friendly restaurant. And we become more friendly!’

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