The UK’s top 5 dream interior styles have been revealed

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Spend hours daydreaming about your perfect home, or strategizing how to tackle your next decorating project? Turns out you’re not alone – Brits across the country have well-defined tastes when it comes to their space and already know exactly what style to choose if they’re decorating their dream interiors.

As part of a new campaign looking into Britain’s dream home, UK Radiators commissioned a survey asking people what style they would decorate their dream home in. Results in …

Top Five Favorite Interior Styles UK:

  1. Farmhouse – 14 percent
  2. Contemporary – 14 percent
  3. Minimum – 13 percent
  4. mid-modern – six percent
  5. Scandi – six percent
    1. Keep reading for detailed information on each of these distinctive interior aesthetics.

      • Farmhouse style

      Blankbridge Shepherd's Huts

      Plankbridge Shepherd’s Hut (The Snug), Plankbridge

      Blankbridge Shepherd’s Huts

      Reminiscent of country cottages, the farmhouse style is all about natural materials – wood, stone and glass. It also includes a palette of neutrals, such as earthy shades, creams, and white, for a minimalist, minimalist feel. Choose solid wood and soft, traditional-inspired furnishings in linen or cotton. In general, aim for a look that has that simple, rustic feel, and try decor that mimics elements found in traditional cottages, such as milkshakes or pitchers.

      • Contemporary Home Style

      timeless living room

      When it comes to contemporary interior designs, bold lines and shapes are key to eye-catching and making a strong visual statement. “Choose cohesive color schemes, such as navy blue, black and gold, or dark pink, beige and white and stick to them as closely as possible,” suggests Amber Dines, interior design expert at UK Radiator. But maintain depth and care by choosing furniture and decor that differ in texture and shape. Outstanding furniture that matches your interior color palette is key to maintaining a bold look.

      • minimalist home style

      A glass table with a gray footstool underneath, blue abstract artwork on the wall, and geometric shapes balanced with streamlined furniture, this soft glass console table works with patterned rug and dramatic artwork to create a cohesive set of glass console table, £250, cubic footstool, £145, Home Upholstered in Chelsea Enalluminium, £65m Kirkby Design Linear Runner 90 x 300cm, £1,484, Nikki Jones Framed Prints, on the wall, £325 Grade 06 Reclining against the wall, 235 £9, Mold Studio black mug, £40, Georgie scully striped Mane Otto ceramic vase, cross glass vase £250, £60 each Conran Shop Gray Tile under Vase, £9, Gray Bowl, 8 £, Forte spherical table lamp, £119, Cure

      Beautiful House / Mark Scott

      Minimalist interiors are an evergreen interior trend that has not stopped declining in popularity over the years. Lifestyle As a way to decorate your home, avoid clutter at all costs and focus on quality furnishings with organic shapes and clean, elegant lines. A minimalist interior doesn’t mean completely monochromatic, but sticking to a limited color palette is key, with the use of white and neutrals typical of this aesthetic. In a simple house there is a place for everything and everything should be in its place.

      • Mid-century modern home style

      Rocket St. George, Mid-Century Natural Oak Sideboard

      Inspired by the designs that originated and became synonymous with the 1940s and ’60s, mid-century modern furniture is a fun blend of elegant and organic shapes. They often have curves, straight lines, pointed details, and rounded corners. Adds Amber, “Geometric shapes, warm wood tones, and antique-style furniture work perfectly with this style.”

      • Scandi Home Style


      Utility and comfort have their place in Scandinavian design. Fairly simple (at least in the color palette and materials used), the homes decorated in a Scandinavian-inspired way feature soft colors, tactile textures, and natural materials to create an environment that feels functional yet relaxing. Think sheepskin cushions, sturdy wood dining tables, and back wall colors.

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